Unique gift ideas for music lovers that hit all the right notes (starting at $7)

Give the music lovers on your list a few new items they'll cherish this Christmas.  (Source: iStock)

Give the music lovers on your list a few new items they’ll cherish this Christmas. (Source: iStock)

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We’ve all met at least one or two music lovers in our lives. They’re the ones who always have headphones on, nodding their heads or tapping their feet to the beat. Music is their passion, and they live for it.

Most musicophiles have state-of-the-art record players or are often first in line for concert tickets. If you’re struggling to get amazing gifts for your favorite music buff because they already have all the music players they need, here are some alternatives that are sure to please even the pickiest one.

Amazon’s unique selection of music-themed gifts will have them singing your praises. Shop tomorrow’s Black Friday deals for up to 60% off:

Blast the music like never before

These jazzy little coasters add personality to any glass table. (Source: Amazon)

Music gets better with drinks. With these vinyl-styled coasters, your fella can turn up the volume, let loose, and enjoy their favorite pick-me-up in style. Each has realistic-looking vinyl grooves and amusing label designs that will likely get a chuckle out of guests.

The coasters have a thin, rubbery bottom layer that keeps them from sliding around on the table. The size is slightly larger than a palm, so they also double as wall or table decor for home studios. Take this shopper who purchased them for that exact purpose:

So I bought these for wall decorations instead of using them for coasters, and let me tell you they make my studio look even cooler. This is a must for vinyl junkies!

Treat your vinyl-obsessed buddy with a 6-pack gift bundle for as little as $7.99.

Both children and adults will have a fun-filled night with this music game card. (Source: Amazon)

And while you’re carousing and singing your hearts out, why not throw this Game That Song game into the mix? Each player gets a card, and everyone pulls up the best song they can think of. The squad’s music connoisseur then acts as the judge, allowing you to learn their music tastes better.

This game is perfect for parties, road trips, or virtual gatherings. It’s designed for two to six players and can be played in about 20 minutes. Check out this trendy card game for your music-loving pal, and save up to 41% off.

This retro, minimalist vinyl record holder next to a turntable is a sight for sore eyes. (Source: Amazon)

For dedicated vinyl collectors, this vinyl record holder would be the most ardent gift. The solid-wood rack can house their ever-growing prized possessions while showing off those gorgeous record sleeves.

The holder has a smooth, shatterproof finish and clear acrylic ends designed to protect records. It can hold up to 50 albums, from 7-inch singles to 12-inch LPs, and has a built-in stand for extra support. It takes up minimal space and fits nicely on any shelf.

Whether they’re just starting out or have been collecting for years, this $22 holder will provide a safe and stylish home for your loved one’s musical treasure.

Music lover must-haves for much less

Music is a universal language that can soothe anyone’s spirit. So, get creative and cherish the music enthusiasts in your life with these best-selling gifts on Amazon. Make them feel seen and understood in a way that nothing else can. Add this coaster set, card game, and vinyl holder to your cart, and send them all to your dearest for under $30.

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