Machine Gun Kelly Rap Comeback: Singer Releases ‘Taurus’ Amid Semi-Biopic’s Success

Machine Gun Kelly was known for his pop-punk music through the years after releasing his albums “Tickets to My Downfall” and “Mainstream Sellout.” More recently, the singer dropped a new song and it appears that he’s going back to his rap roots.

According to Rolling Stone, the singer released the music video for his semi-autobiographical movie’s title track called “Taurus.” For the recent single, he collaborated with co-star, Naomi Wild.

XXL Mag reported that the singer took inspiration from his mental health as he grapples through the life of being a famous personality.

“Look, I’m sick of sitting inside of this room ’cause every thought I got’s negative/I’m sick of not being able to sleep and relying only on a sedative/I’m sick of hearing another voice telling me what to do in my head again,” he raps.

In the movie, named after his birth sign, Machine Gun Kelly, credited by his real name Colson Baker, attempts to create one hit from another despite him feeling the pressure of being a famous celebrity and suffering from addiction.

Directed by Tim Sutton, MGK also stars alongside his fiancé Megan Fox. The film is being distributed by RLJE films and fans could watch it through AppleTV, YouTube Movies, and on demand.

This was not the first time the singer opened up about his mental health as he detailed one of the darkest moments of his life in his documentary, “Life in Pink”, as his father passed away.

He also revealed that he’s now undergoing therapy and he feels much better today.

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Machine Gun Kelly Never Left Rap Music

Many fans were surprised when MGK seemingly switched genres in 2020 as he started releasing pop-punk songs.

However, he spoke to The Hollywood Reporter to clarify that he never took a break from rap in favor of his pop-punk sound.

“I never departed, left or switched [genres]”he said before explaining that he was the most-viewed YouTube video with all rap (his lockdown sessions).”

He also clarified that the videos gained more views than almost any of his other videos on the platform.

MGK’s rap career began when he got featured on MTV2’s “Sucker Free Freestyle” when he performed his song “Chip off the Block.”

He then became famous, leading him to release a few rap albums like, “General Admission,” “Bloom,” “Hotel Diablo,” and more.

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