Kwabs’ Music Career Over? ‘Walk’ Singer Breaks Down Over Massive Loss

He is renowned for his outstanding vocal performance on songs like “Perfect Ruin” and “Cheating On Me.” Kwabs though is facing a huge dilemma, a possibility of losing his music career altogether.

But musician Kwabs, 32, revealed in a devastating video that his voice has ceased functioning properly, which has had a significant negative impact on his mental health.

When Kwabs, real name Kwabena Sarkodee Adjepong, explained that he had been experiencing bodily difficulty while trying to perform at performances, he started crying.

‘I pushed my voice so hard in the first part of my career, that it stopped working the way it’s supposed to and now it’s taking me a really long time to recover from.

‘To summarise: the equipment I use to sing just doesn’t quite work with me. It’s fighting with me. And I’m trying my hardest to make it co-operate again.

Kwabs pauses at this moment as he finds it difficult to continue speaking.

He reveals that he’s losing his mental health as if he’s Spider Man after the “Snap. He added that trying hard to perform while always experiencing bodily discomfort is really strange.

He said that he does not like being applauded because he can’t deal with the thought that something that causes him so much misery and discomfort is making others feel joy. He even instructed his management to stop congratulating him after performances.

“Hurt A Little” is a new tune that Kwabs just released, and he wanted his fans to sing it for him. He said, “So when I ask you can you sing this song for me? Can you sing Hurt A Little for me? I say it from my heart because i don’t know when I’m going to sing it again and I would love to hear you try.”

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There is no doubting that at the beginning, he really pushed himself hard. He was getting so, so big in 2015. One of the most eagerly awaited albums of the year is the latest from singer-songwriter Kwabs.

He is difficult to categorize as a dance performer, jazz musician, or soul singer, and he likes it that way. The stage name of south Londoner Kwabena Sarkodee Adjepong is Kwabs. Growing up in the foster system, he spent three years as the lead vocalist for the National Youth Jazz Orchestra, which has featured Amy Winehouse and Carol Kenyon in the past. Later, he pursued a jazz studies degree at the Royal Academy of Music.

When Kwabs performed in 2011 on the BBC’s Goldie’s Band: By Royal Appointment show, his deep baritone gained even more attention.

Kwabs’ performance at Buckingham Palace marked the conclusion of the UK’s hunt for young, talented musicians. He released the slow-burning track Walk last year after joining Atlantic Records, which featured elements of hip-hop and soul. It was a bit of a miss in the UK, but it topped the charts in Germany.

Since then, the video has received nearly 80 million views on YouTube.

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