Did You Know? Library’s a wonderland

Landon Hartstein
Landon Harstein

Editor’s note: We’re experimenting with a series introducing residents and visitors to what they might not know about Aspen or reminding you what’s here.

Hi. My name is Landon. Like a plane. I’ve lived in Aspen for nine years. In nine years of living here, this town continues to surprise me with things I didn’t know. In this series, I will attempt to highlight and show you how this small town has a big-city feel. Join me as I explore our town and share hidden gems with you right here in the local news.

This week’s gem: The Aspen Library.

Did you know that the library is showing free movies for November and December? Probably not.

When’s the last time you’ve been into the Pitkin County Library in Aspen? I’d guess it’s been a minute, if ever. Now, I’m not library shaming you here, but, to be fair, you are missing out.

The library is a hidden gem of this town. When I first moved to Aspen, the library was across the street from Clark’s Market in a rundown old building that’s been vacant ever since. Remember that?

The new one is just down Mill Street on the east side. It’s beautiful. It’s new. It’s modern. It’s spacious. It’s quiet. Three stories high with an outside reading deck that overlooks the new park. The park has free corn hole just sitting out there for anyone to play while boasting stellar views of Red Mountain and the mega mansions looking back onto Aspen.

But, the library is more than just a good place for a photo and a view.

The Pitkin County Library boasts a learning lab. What’s the learning lab? I’m glad you asked. The learning lab has many different hands-on, skill-based tools. Hands-on, skill-based tools? What pray tell is that? That’s what I’m sharing here!

The library has an array of skill-based tools like sewing machines, a sound booth where you can record professional audio or a podcast, lighting equipment and cameras for video and computers with video editing software to make professional grade videos. Tik Tok anyone?

There are even 3-D printers. That’s right. Actual 3-D printers. To use. For free! Only in Aspen. Am I right?

Now you may be asking, “Yeah, but Landon, what am I going to 3-D print? I can’t think of one thing.” Ever seen a pelican box? One of those heavy-duty travel boxes? How about one of those? Well? Want something more practical? How about a television remote holder? A desk organizer? A closet organizer? Wall panels. Lamps. A slim-card wallet. A phone holder for your car. Storage box. Side table. Bottle opener. The list goes on and on. I got most of these here.

My point is. Once you understand how to use the technology (You have to get trained to use it), the ideas are only limited to your imagination. Right here at the little ol’ Pitkin County Library, you can 3-D print your dream into reality. Pretty amazing, if you ask me.

That’s not to mention the library’s collection of … books, DVDs, music, and the online library with a slew of audio books, television shows, and movies all able to be streamed or downloaded — you guessed it — for free. Why not cancel Netflix? The library’s got you, for free. Which brings me back to the live movies.

This month and next month, movies are being shown in the community room. Yeah, there’s a community room, where meetings and events for various organizations around the town are hosted. May want to look into that for your next gathering.

The movies are being shown in the community room this month and next. To see the schedule, stop by the library already, would ya?!

Until next time.

Do you know it all? Know something Landon doesn’t? If you have a suggestion or hidden gem you’d like Landon to highlight and share with the town, email him at [email protected]

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