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National President of the Association of Christian Schools in Nigeria (ACSN), Dr. Ekaete Ettang has called on Nigerians to resist with all sense of responsibility the global drive to impose homosexuality and transgenderism through subtle means into the education curriculum contents in Nigeria.

Dr. Ettang disclosed this in a communique read on Thursday at the end of the General Assembly, 2022 of Association of Christian Schools in Nigeria (ACSN), held at the Nigeria Bible Translation Trust (NBTT), Jos, Plateau State.

“It is glaringly apparent that there is a global drive to influence curriculum content in Nigeria in ways that impose value systems foreign tonus as a people and as a nation. The idea of ​​foreign imposition of values ​​such as homosexuality or transgenderism through subtle or obvious means must be outrightly resisted.

“We must assert our rights as a people in a post-colonial context to determine basic and crucial parameters such as curriculum contents in our schools. Under no circumstances should we trade away our rights but rather assert them with all dignity, pride and gave importance.

“No doubt, there is an attempt at globalization for which we may see some benefits in terms of preparing our children to adequately compete in the global market but it cannot be at the expense of the moral values ​​that holds us together as a people.

“Our children do not need to be homosexuals or transgender in order to be engineers, nurses, doctors, computer scientists, pilots etc. All these can be achieved without the dangers that corrupt and alter the essence of who we are and the values ​​we represent.”

She explained that the years spent in primary, secondary schools are crucial , saying these are formative years of a child, noting that an average child spent this period more with educational content from schools than with the parents.

Dr. Ettang emphasized that determining curriculum contents for children between 0-18 years who made up of about 50 percent of the population of Nigeria and for the unborn generation is not only crucial to the future moral compass of Nigeria but also demands the inputs of parents, schools and religious leaders.

She noted that is is imperative for parents to interrogate the contents, learning objectives, and objectives of the curriculum sent to schools as ask crucial questions whether the curriculum represent the future children the school desired to produce or not.

“We therefore, called on parents schools, and Christian and Islamic religious leaders, to rise to defend our morality from being poisoned by western homosexual and transgender ideology. Education should help strengthen our morality and not destroy them.” She stated.

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