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The Reclamation Sisters, aka Jean E. Berry, MS, ICAADC, CAADC, Master CASAC, Clinical Director of Deerfield Center for Addiction Treatment in Warren, along with her sister Laura B. Demers, released their first addiction recovery treatment book, “Beyond Addiction — a 100 Day Workbook for Relapse Prevention, Crisis Planning and Your Personal Path to Wellness & Recovery,” available on Amazon.

The first three months of recovery are typically the most difficult and the most important part of an addiction recovery journey. During this time, relapse is at its highest rate, overall health is at risk, and every day requires a conscious choice to stay clean or sober.

The Beyond Addiction workbook is designed to support a daily journey through early recovery. This 100-day workbook is designed on the co-author’s personal and professional experience with addiction, as well as evidence-based practices.

This workbook includes a crisis plan, a relapse prevention plan, evidence-based information on holistic wellness for recovery, and a detailed 100-day path designed to guide the reader through early recovery in a way that encourages individualized self-care and growth. It is perfect for individual use as part of a self-recovery program or for those who are participating in a group recovery program such as inpatient, outpatient or sober living homes.

Through their videos and curriculum, Demers and Berry hope to help those in recovery reclaim a purpose-focused life and to help loved ones heal. Berry has been in long-term recovery for over 10 years. During her recovery, she earned a master’s degree and became certified to help others through their recovery journey. Demers is a non-user who struggled with the effects of her sister’s addiction. After many years of distance, Laura and Jean have repaired their relationship and have partnered to form Reclamation Sisters.

Prior to joining Deerfield, an affiliate of Journey Health System, Berry was the Senior Clinical Supervisor of an outpatient addiction treatment clinic licensed by the Office of Addiction Services and Supports.

Demers is the writer and curriculum developer for Reclamation Sisters, as well as a school librarian and a former high school English teacher.

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