Bebe Rexha’s NFL Thanksgiving Halftime Performance A Flop? Fans Booed Singer

Bebe Rexha was the subject of the NFL Thanksgiving Day game viewers’ ire after her halftime performance-there were so many things that just went wrong, from the stage to the camera work.

They would expect that a halftime show stage would be situated in the middle of the football field, where everyone can see everything that’s happening onstage. That did not happen in this year’s show.

However, this year, the NFL decided to put the stage at the farthest corner of the stadium, where no one could see it well.

The 33-year-old singer’s performance was met with criticism and backlash from both fans and viewers because of this, and while she was performing a dance break, fans were booing.

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And Flop?

According to Entertainment Weekly, though, they were not booing at the singer, but rather at the NFL for placing the stage in such an obstructed location.

“Bebe Rexha was getting boo’d here in Detroit for not even being visible from the crowd during her performance. Lmao,” a viewer tweeted and shared a video of their view of the stage.


“Most of the crowd were looking around wondering where she was because they had the stage covered. Once they dropped the cover you still couldn’t see her. So boo to poor show planning not to her,” another commented on the performance.

Even fans who were not present in the venue were aware of the booing, “I had a feeling. She was in a tunnel performing and on stage she faced opposite of the crowd. That’s the only thing i could think of! Glad you clarified it . You can really hear the crowd boo her! Very very audible,” a fan wrote.

Aside from the horrible view of the stage, another report noted that the camera work on the performance was equally bad, if not, worse.

Since the game was happening during Thanksgiving, fans were watching the show with full stomachs, which proved to be a bad idea when the cameraman started turning the camera 360 degrees. It did not help that the singer’s background resembled a kaleidoscope.

“The entire country is now hurling Turkey and Mashed Potatoes because of the start to Bebe Rexha’s performance,” a viewer tweeted along with a video of the start of Rexha’s performance.


It was such a shame no one could really see or appreciate the performance, because she performed some crowd-favorites like “Meant to Be,” “I’m Good (Blue),” “Hey Mama,” and more.

Although fans were there to mainly watch the Lions vs. Bills game at Ford Field, fans were still disappointed with how the performance was handled by the league.

As of this writing, Rexha has not addressed the stage or camera work situation.

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