Britney Spears Warned: Lindsay Lohan Told Singer to Change Her ‘Toxic’ Surroundings After ‘Icky’ IG Posts?

Fans are growing more and more concerned for Britney Spears in recent times, as the singer posted racier pictures of herself on Instagram, and they are not the only ones concerned-so is Lindsay Lohan.

According to reports, Lohan has also been concerned that Spears has shared more and more racy photos recently, and gave her some advice.

“It’s made her so sad to see the stress and pain that Britney has been through,” said a source, reported by Mirror UK.

“[Lindsay] can relate to her situation and now she wants to help [Britney],” added the source.

Lohan once led a troubled life prior to her comeback in the film industry recently, and her exploits are well documented-from legal problems to substance abuse issues.

So she knows all about getting into and out of the toxic environment that held her back for several years.

“She’s been offering her advice and telling her to have the courage to change her toxic surroundings,” continued the source.

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Toxic Surroundings No More?

Spears, on the other hand, had been through some tough times under the conservatorship of her father, Jamie Spears, for 13 years, reports say.

Despite being freed from her conservatorship, she is still plagued by the trauma. For years, the pop star was not allowed to do pretty much anything alone. She was monitored and surveillance around the clock, including what she posted on social media.

With that being behind her now, Spears enjoys the freedom of posting whatever she wants-including nude photos of herself.

Spears posted the racy photo on Instagram the previous month, which garnered several comments questioning if she was in the right state of mind.

“Just when you think she was gonna come back with some class,” an Instagram user wrote.

“Sad that most of the visuals posted are sexual. There is no need, it’s just making you look bad. I’m sure you are better than this, think how your boys must feel seeing their mum constantly naked & leaving nothing up to the You’rE talented, beautiful & famous, there is no need for this kind of publicity,” another commented.

“You’ve lost your freaking mind, it’s truly sad,” another added.

Another Instagram user pointed out that Spears needs someone to look after her, “This is embarrassing. Clearly, she needs someone looking out for her and no one is.”

While Lohan has stepped up and expressed her desire to lend a hand to the “Baby One More Time” singer, reports noted that she actually has not reached out to the singer yet.

But she wants to, the source added: “Lindsay’s making she’s always there if Britney needs to talk.”

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