The Masked Singer Teases Unexpected Scarecrow Moment In Next Episode

In the upcoming The Masked Singer episode, new contestant Scarecrow does something no one is expecting. The Halloween-inspired costume hasn’t appeared on the show yet and will be joined by another new contestant, Sir Bug-A-Boo. Snowstorm, who debuted during comedy night, will return to the stage and go up against the new contestants. Whoever wins will join Harp and Lambs in the semi-finals. The semi-finals episode will air the night after the Fright Night episode. this season The Masked Singer faced delays due to the World Series but is making things up with the two-episode week.


According to a trailer for the Fright Night episode, The Masked Singer has a surprise in store involving Scarecrow and host Nick Cannon. Panelist Robin Thicke tweeted the clip where Scarecrow announces, “wait wait, Nick, I have something to say.” The teaser cuts off before Scarecrow makes their announcement, but the panelists look shocked. Nick then reveals, “This has never happened in Masked Singer history.” Fans replied to the tweet expressing how excited they are for the new episodes, but no one shared any guesses for what the Scarecrow might be up to. One fan insisted the Halloween costume sounded a lot like actress Drew Barrymore, but it’s hard to tell since Fox puts voice modifiers on contestants to hide their identity.

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Does Scarecrow know The Masked Singer host Nick Cannon?

last episode, The Masked Singer revealed that AEW wrestler Chris Jericho was behind the Bride costume and comedian Adam Carolla was behind Avocado. Since the Snowstorm moved on to the next round, her identity has not been revealed. However, fans have been guessing comedian and reality tv star Nikki Glaser is behind the costume since they heard her singing “Thank U, Next” by Ariana Grande in a preview clip before the episode aired. A lot of the hints in her clue package add up to Nikki, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Snowstorm has a great voice, so unless Scarecrow or Bug-A-Boo is better than her, she’ll move on to the Semi-Finals.

obviously, The Masked Singer wasn’t going to give away the surprise with Scarecrow in the trailer, as it would kill the anticipation for the episode. As Nick said, whatever happens, has never happened before, and the show has seen a lot of unexpected surprises throughout its time on air. Fans can cross off an unexpected reveal because Micky Rourke already did this during The Masked Singer season 4 when he got too hot in his costume. The show has also seen a contestant rushed off stage when Firefly had trouble breathing in her costume and had to delay her performance. With all the crazy things that have happened in The Masked Singerit’s hard to imagine something that hasn’t been done before.

Since the incident involves Nick, maybe Scarecrow admits to knowing him or having a relationship in the past. Several contestants have hinted with their actions that they had a friendship with Nick. However, none of his ex-partners have ever been on the show. The Masked Singer panelists have guessed Mariah Carey in the past, which made him laugh, but unsurprisingly the singer was never on the show. There are endless possibilities for what might happen with Scarecrow, but The Masked Singer isn’t offering any more information until the new episode airs.

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesday at 8 pm EST on Fox.

source: Robin Thicke/Twitter

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