New Zealand Based Satellite Operator Hits 85mbps Mark For $159

Woi satellite, owned by New Zealand communications company MMG Communications, today announced a major reduction in pricing and speed increases across two of its residential plans.

Woi has also launched a $100 a month unlimited data plan with 12mbps download speed and 10mbps upload speed. It will also, for the first time, be introducing an 85mbps download and 20mbps upload unlimited data plan for $159, the same retail price of Starlink in New Zealand.

“Our biggest advantage is that we’re local and many Kiwis still want to support a Kiwi owned business. We have ample satellite capacity across the country and there is no waiting. Our rural customers want local support, and we provide this in-country”, Woi’s Director Richard Broadbridge said.

The price reduction will be reflected across all current customer accounts from January 1 and anyone signing up between now and March 31 will benefit from the offer offers.

Woi will begin activating the new plans in December with a general install rate nationwide of $495.

It’s a great time to jump on board. Never has a New Zealand owned satellite provider retailed 100mbps of internet for under $160 a month.

The new plans are available for pre order now on Woi’s website:

About Woi:

Woi satellite internet is a retail brand of MMG Communications Limited, and Pasifika owned business operating out of Penrose in Auckland. MMG Communications provides technology solutions in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea with active projects across the Pacific region. Its notable projects include Host Broadcasting of the 2019 Pacific Games in Apia, the launch of TV services for the Government of Tuvalu and analogue to digital migration for the Government of American Samoa. Woi is a retailer of Kacific Broadband satellites and is a finalist in the 2022 NZ Compare Broadband Awards and Pacific Business Trust Awards for Innovation. The company specializes in emergency communications and has developed a solar powered Wi-Fi trailer for regional emergency responders.

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