HeiSpark® announces the debut of its latest Children’s Book, Francois and Vincent©

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Imagine the courage of a child to declare he prefers coffee over chocolate! My wish is that this beautiful story inspires children to be brave and command their true authenticity.”

—Christine Kevorkian

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — HeiSpark® is proud to debut Francois and Vincent©, the latest work from Christine Kevorkian, Creator and Author, and Suam Fonseca, Illustrator. Published in both print and digital media. Available online; Hi Spark® Wish APP and E-Book Reader; and retail flagship store Toronto, McEwan’s TD Centre.

This adorable fairytale sends you on a French gastronomy adventure, where best friends, Francois and Vincent © discover that their friendship is tested by the most unimaginable challenge of all. Chocolate. With unwavering courage and loyalty, Francois and Vincent© prove that compassion and acceptance define an unbreakable friendship.

Inspired by the real lives of revered culinary celebrities, François Pralus and Vincent Ferniot. International Multi-Award Winning Master Chocolatier, Pralus, was awarded The National Order of Merit, and Vincent Ferniot, a Gourmet Journalist and Entrepreneur, was awarded The Order of Agricultural Merit. Inventors of Carré de Café® they received the prestigious accolade “TASTE INNOVATION OF THE YEAR”, in 2018 at the Best Gourmet Selection (France).

Carré de Café® was born from a childhood desire of Vincent Ferniot, a prepubescent lover of coffee. His earliest memories of eating coffee eclairs, one in each hand, hoping that one day he too could bite into a bar of coffee. Just as his friends enjoyed a bar of gourmet French chocolate. With a fortunate stroke of serendipity, Vincent met François Pralus, a pioneer in the bean-to-bar chocolate movement; an instant friendship bloomed, ultimately granting Vincent’s childhood wish.

Hi Spark® exclusively sources, Carré de Café® Couverture, by Maison Pralus, to be made into the proprietary star for each Francois and Vincent© HeiSpark® cookies. Cookies available in-store and online in December 2022.

“Imagine the courage of a child to declare he prefers coffee over chocolate! My wish is that this beautiful story inspires children to be brave and command their true authenticity.” Christine Kevorkian

Francois and Vincent© is set in the town of Roanne, France, home to the famous Praluline®a French pastry invented by François Pralus’ father, M. Auguste Pralus, in 1955. The Praluline® and its creator, are both honored and featured in the pages of this book.

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