Steps on how to support child literacy

MIDLAND — One goal of tutoring aims to restore quality family time to busy lives.

For the average family’s schedule, Owner of R1SE Trevor Szafranski asks, “Where does reading fit in?”

Midland Public Schools literacy rates remain above the state average. Grade three students in Midland schools, on average, perform 12% better than the state average. This holiday and all-year-round, education leaders say it may be hard to coordinate, but parents and families can play a key role in their children’s literacy success.

‘What can I do?’

Simply, make books accessible.

“This is by far our top recommendation — frequent reading together at home,” said Penny Miller-Nelson, who is one of the associate superintendents of Midland Public Schools. “Children can check out books from the school media center.”

Statewide, the Michigan Department of Education and Governor Gretchen Whitmer call for improved literacy supports. A recent funding invested millions into the tutoring efforts. The state budget offers every kid in Michigan tutoring to help catch up and get on track for long-term success, and resources for districts to develop learning pods for academically at-risk and economically disadvantaged students.

“We are delighted to see the clear priority Michigan’s leaders have put on creating strong afterschool and summer learning opportunities for youth,” said Erin Skene-Pratt, executive director of the Michigan Afterschool Partnership. “(The) investment is going to make a difference in getting kids back on track, and we’re incredibly excited to congratulate our state’s leaders for their foresight.”

Locally, R1SE, an education and recreation center, invests time and positive intentions into plans for a student. R1SE owner Trevor Szafranski acknowledges that some families may not be able to manage and implement reading time.

“We are going to continue to have a percentage of students who read nightly with parents and those who do not,” he said. “We (educators) are ready to be versatile and creative in the individualized approach: Let’s look at students uniquely. “

Szafranski said home and parental lives have changed over time. He said most families have dual incomes.

“Two parents or single parents are working,” he said. “There isn’t a person at home that just has time and energy free to say, ‘Hey, let’s read.’ I get it, parents are coming home exhausted. They have 10 things and three slots to fill on their ‘plate.’ That’s why R1SE exits.”

The Grace A. Dow Memorial Library’s catalog includes literacy with books and activities for early literacy skill building. The library’s catalog indicates the kits are available for three weeks at a time and intended for grades kindergarten through third grade.

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Recommendations from MPS

The Grace A. Dow Library is a community resource with literacy take-home kits.

The kits include books, activities and more practice for early literacy skill building. The library’s catalog indicates the kits are available for three weeks at a time and intended for kindergarten through third grade.

Parents and families could visit the library as a family excursion.

Representatives from the library could not be reached in time for publication of this story.

Read together. It can also support vocabulary development. It is also important for children to have dedicated time to read to themselves at home. Of course, this is age and skill dependent.

Read out loud to your child and talc about what you are reading. Ask questions about the text and work to make real-world connections. Having conversations about the book can be so enriching. It can help children make sense of the content and concepts, help them better understand the world around them, and promote curiosity about related topics. Asking questions about a book can really support a child’s comprehension skills too.

Adults can show children that they are a reader. Modeling is such a strong strategy. Let them see you reading and consider a dedicated time where the whole family reads together, even if it is just a few minutes each day.

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