Man books stepchildren in economy on flight while putting his own in first class

A WOMAN refused to go on holiday with her fiancée after finding out that he had booked her kids in economy class on a flight, while seating his own in first class.

The parent was due to spend Thanksgiving with her partner’s family, bringing her kids along for the trip too.


The woman refused to fly with her fiancée after finding out that he had booked her kids in economy class and everyone else in first (stock image)Credit: Alamy

However, when they turned up at the airport, she discovered that he had forked out for the two adults and his own kids to be sat in luxury, while her kids were sat alone in the cheap seats.

She reached out to the social media site Reddit to see if other people thought she was acting unreasonably to refuse to board the flight.

She said: “My fiancée has 3 kids from his former marriage while I have 2, from my former marriage as well.

“He wanted me and my kids to attend thanksgiving with his family who are located across the country and we were supposed to go yesterday.

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“He booked our tickets and everything but later, before the flight I found out that he, his kids and myself were put in first class whilst my 2 kids (14) & (10) were put in economy.

“I was stunned, he acted like it was no big deal and told us it’s just a few hours and the kids could ‘just hang in there for a little while’.

“I immediately turned around and took the kids and made my way out of the airport.

“He started following us screaming at me to go back but I refused and told him that I no longer felt like spending thanksgiving with his folks after this.

“My youngest cried because she never flew without me.”

After she stormed out, she returned home to celebrate the holiday with her own family, while her husband-to-be boarded the flight as planned.

However, after she landed, he bombarded her with calls, telling her to stop spoiling her kids. At one stage, he even got his mother involved.

She continued: “He went with his kids. Me and my kids are home. He has not stopped calling trying to berate me and even had his mom text that I needed to get over myself and stop teaching my kids to be spoiled and entitled.

“She said that the fact that I was ‘willing’ to miss Thanksgiving with the family over something so trivial shows my real character and personality and mindset or ‘lack thereof’.

“I have not replied but I feel horrible. Should I have just let it slide and just went?”

A lot of people were on the woman’s side, saying she had every right to walk away from the flight if her fiancé wasn’t going to treat their kids equally.

One wrote: “He’s sending a direct message that your kids aren’t members of his family. Rethink this marriage.”

Another said: “Either EVERYONE goes first class or ALL kids go economy. He needs to treat all kids equally.”

Although the vast majority of responses were in favor of the woman’s actions, not everyone was as enraged as she was by the situation.

One said: “I honestly don’t think it was a big deal that they had economy.”

Meanwhile, this woman dumped her boyfriend after his mum refused to pay for her to have a first class flight.

And this passenger upgraded their ungrateful partner’s ticket, only to be told she was in the wrong.

The woman walked out of the airport and left her partner to fly with just his kids (stock image)


The woman walked out of the airport and left her partner to fly with just his kids (stock image)Credit: Alamy

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