Nigerian writer hosts book reading in Canada, condemns child trafficking

A Canada-based Nigerian writer, Ariyike Akinbobola, has hosted a picnic and book reading for some families in Canada to enlighten them on the importance of positive affirmations, and the dangers of child trafficking and abuse.

Akinbobola, who is also a lawyer and a television host, noted that – the event, which recently took place in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – was the maiden edition of the annual ‘Beautifully Coloured’ family picnic.

She stated that the essence of the event was to reemphasize the vital roles that book reading, recitation of positive affirmations, fun activities and games can play in the development of children and in fostering reunion of friends and families.

‘Beautifully Coloured’ was the book that was read at the event, and it was written by Akinbobola.


Akinbobola stated that ‘Beautifully Colored’ is a children’s picture book on kindness, diversity, inclusion, and positive affirmations which can help create more awareness about diversity and inclusion for younger children in elementary schools.

On the other hand, she talked about her other book ‘The Cost of Our Lives’ which she said is about the dangers of child trafficking, cyber-bullying, and sexual abuse.

She added that the book will encourage young people, especially those in secondary schools, to speak up against all forms of abuse.

“When I say ‘The Cost of Our Lives’, I’m referring to the value our existence brings into the world,” she said. “Young people need to take a moment and reflect on the cost of their lives and the value they bring into the world, their communities, and humanity.”

Akinbobola lamented that, growing up in Nigeria, it was almost difficult to talk about these types of issues.

“However, in more recent times, through the help of NGOs, government, social media, and social activists like myself, more people are beginning to speak against child sexual abuse, child trafficking, and cyber-bullying,” she added.

She stated that, although the two books are sold on Amazon and other online stores, they will soon be made available in major Nigerian bookstores.

Also at the event were the founder of Canada Vendors, Maryam Muritala; president of the Network of Nigerians in Canada and Rotary Club of Brampton, Uche Okugo; CEO of Gray Matlock Bakery, Wale Rabiu; Shade Ibidapo-Obe; Fusi and Bella Olateru-Olagbegi; among others.

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