From exam papers with answer guides to activity books: Ways to help your child think smarter and score better

The academic landscape has changed over the years to include more educational toys and tools that help motivate children to enjoy learning and grasp and retain concepts better.

When coupled with assessment books, this creates a holistic learning experience for your child while helping them develop a positive approach towards education.

Dr. Anthony Fok, who has more than 15 years of teaching experience, agrees that learning should be a healthy combination of books, hands-on activities and experiences as this helps with a child’s development in school and in the real world.

Learning from a book is good for teaching theory but another important part of learning is application,” says Dr Fok, an education consultant who has also written books for preschool, junior college and university students. “This can be in the form of fun experiments or games. Children need to be able to transfer and apply their knowledge to solve everyday problems.

The right learning resources can also make a difference. But make sure to focus on quality over quantity and look for ones that are specific to your child’s needs, says Dr Fok.

Topical assessment books can help your child focus on topics they are finding difficult to understand. They also help your child to revise what they have learned in school.

“For the English Language, there are many assessment books available that target specific aspects of the language like grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehensionetc close passages,” says Dr. Fok.

If your child is revising for their exams, assessment books that contain practice papers or mock exams are probably your best bet.

“These types of books usually contain several practice papers in the examination format which can help your child get used to and become more confident for the exams,” adds Dr Fok.

If you are looking for the right resources to support your child’s learning needs, should be your go-to. This one-stop website carries over 4,800 learning products for children of all ages ranging from toys, magazines and assessment books.

Navigation is a breeze as the website is segmented according to products which have been adopted by schools and best-sellers by categories. There are also dedicated tabs for important examinations such as the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE).

“I like how it’s easy to search and filter for products,” says Ms Reena Chelliah, 41, mum to eight-year-old David. “It helps me to immediately zoom in on what I’m looking for which saves me time and effort from wading through a host of books and toys.”

For father-of-two Terence Lim, 41, past-year school exam papers were what drew him to the website. “I like that they all come with the answer key with full explanations, which makes it easier for me to go through each question with my children.”

Another added bonus: Since is fully online and open 24/7, you can shop at your convenience. Your products can be delivered as early as the next few days, plus it also ships internationally.

To enrich your child’s learning journey, Dr Fok and some parents share tips on what can help and things that are available on that can help.

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