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To the editor:

Once again, taxpayers in the West Branch School District are being asked to support a levy that will add additional taxes to our already strained family budgets.

Inflation has impacted all of us. Inflation is often referred to as the “Hidden Tax” leaving us poorer by reducing the purchasing power of the dollar and decreasing the value of our savings. I find the insensitivity that is being shown by the West Branch administrators unconscionable. This is not the time to ask the citizens of West Branch to pile on more taxes as we struggle to cope with profligate government spending that has left this country $ 30 trillion dollars in debt.

A tax is a tax. We have corporate income tax (that is passed to the consumer via higher prices), fuel tax, sin tax, import tax, utility tax, insurance tax, property tax, sales tax, personal income tax, licenses –the list goes on as far as the eye can see. If it exists, the government taxes it. The Biden administration is in the process of dispatching thousands of new IRS agents to relieve us of our hard earned money. Aren’t you tired of being overtaxed only to have the government squander our tax dollars? And speaking of squandering our money, I hope it was not taxpayer money that paid for all these “Vote Yes” signs that have popped up everywhere like bad weeds.

So what has this to do with a school levy? Well, we have little control over the enormous tax burden that has been thrust upon us. When the opportunity presents itself, we need to send the message that we are taxed enough already. We are all doing with less because of inflation. Wouldn’t it be nice if our school district realized this and didn’t attempt to add to our misery?

Being a retired college professor, I can tell you that no student should graduate from high school without being able to speak and write the English language correctly and do basic math without an electronic crutch (yes the old reading, writing and arithmetic). That is virtually all that is needed to be a successful contributor to society and successful in college. Those basics are being pushed to the back burner, instead, placing emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion social justice indoctrination. Students don’t need more electronic gadgetry and they need to be taught how to think, not what to think.

For the past three decades both Columbiana and Mahoning counties have been hemorrhaging population. Fifty years ago, West Branch’s graduation class size was 40% larger than it is today. Have your taxes decreased in conjunction with this demographic shift? Wouldn’t it have been nice if the powers that be would have looked at the data before they built schools they didn’t need on the taxpayer dime?

And just remember, like everything else, more money doesn’t necessarily mean better schools. The US ranks 5th in the world in public school spending per student. The Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2022 report placed the US 25th in student achievement. New York spends almost twice the amount per student ($ 24,040) as Virginia ($ 12,216) yet Virginia is ranked 4th in the country and New York 14th. Ohio also spends more than Virginia and falls 26 spots lower in ranking. It obviously isn’t a money issue.

Jack Loesch,

Knox Township

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