Salem-South Lyon District Library denies request to ban LGBTQ books

Add the Salem-South Lyon District Library to the ever-growing list of beleaguered public institutions across Michigan and the nation facing challenges to books and the First Amendment.

A group of citizens is seeking to remove 16 books they deemed “sexually explicit” and “inappropriate for teens” from the library’s shelves after some parents took offense at a Pride Month book display in June.

Eight parents voiced their concerns to the district library board Oct. 24, with several demanding immediate action after having been rebuffed by Library Director Paulina Poplawska and a material reviews committee.

“This is about minors and age appropriateness,” Ben Luther told the board. “It has nothing to do with politics or sexual orientation. It’s about putting explicit material in an area designated for minors and displaying it to confront minors with this material. It’s disgusting.”

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