Elon University / Today at Elon / Community Health Update for October 26

A weekly update from Vice President for Student Life Jon Dooley with community health information, important resources and announcements of any changes to protocols.

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

Key health information in this week’s update includes:

  • Respiratory illness trends
  • Upcoming flu vaccine and COVID-19 booster clinics
  • Community health status update

Respiratory illness trends

As we move into the season when influenza and other respiratory illnesses are anticipated to rise, local hospitals are experiencing an increase in cases of RSV, and we are continuing to experience cases of COVID-19 at a slow but steady level. Regional and state health officials monitor respiratory illnesses at urgent care and emergency departments. Student Health Services reports several cases of flu and influenza-like illness in October, earlier than most recent years. The CDC has a helpful website dedicated to the seasonal flu, including information about how to tell the difference between the flu and a cold and between the flu and COVID-19.

If you have symptoms of a respiratory illness, seek medical attention from TimelyCare 24/7 virtual medical care for students, Student Health Services, the Faculty / Staff Health & Wellness Clinic, or other resources. And remember the strategies we have learned in recent years – stay home if you have a fever, wash your hands frequently, cough into your elbow, consider when to wear a mask, be cautious in large crowds or social settings, don’t share drinks , etc.

Upcoming flu vaccine and COVID-19 booster clinics

If you have not received your flu vaccine and / or your COVID-19 bivalent booster, now is a good time, before the expected winter increases in flu and COVID-19 activity. The final on-campus flu and COVID-19 vaccine clinics will be held in the coming weeks for students, faculty, and staff. Advance registration is recommended for the following clinic dates:

November 2, 9 am – 4 pm, Lakeside 214

November 4, 9 am – 4 pm, Lakeside 214

November 8, 9 am – 4 pm, LaRose Student Commons

November 10, 9 am – 4 pm, Lakeside 214

Next Wednesday, November 2, is the last date the Faculty / Staff Health & Wellness Clinic is offering a flu clinic for employees, retirees, and their dependents ages 18 years and over who are covered under Elon’s health insurance. Visit the Faculty / Staff Health & Wellness Clinic website for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Community health status update

Each Tuesday afternoon by 4 pm, the university COVID-19 webpage is updated with information about the status of COVID-19 in our community. The site also includes a link to the latest information about the CDC COVID-19 community levels, which are currently at Low in Alamance and Guilford counties.

Our next Community Health Update will be next Wednesday, November 2, by 10:45 am

Jon Dooley, Ph.D.

Vice President for Student Life

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