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The conference provided a venue for naval leaders to focus on the symposium’s key topics and an opportunity for McLane to bring waterfront leaders together to discuss current and future challenges and ways to maintain the Surface Force Competitive Edge.

“Like our last two, this training symposium was focused on warfighting,” McLane said.

“Training symposia like these are crucial to us. It is an opportunity for warfighters to sync and discuss new tactics and lessons learned with experts in their respective fields. These exchanges of tactical ideas allow us to share innovative thoughts about how to win the high-end fight.”

More than 140 surface leaders, including flag officers, commanding officers, executive officers, command senior enlisted leaders and SURFLANT staff members, gathered to discuss a litany of warfighting readiness topics. Discussions included how SURFLANT commands and assets fit into an era of Great Power Competition, best practices for ensuring Sailors have what they need to succeed, and sharing lessons learned from recent missions and deployments.

“This symposium gives me an opportunity to see and hear more about high-end war fighting,” said Senior Chief Information System Technician Scott Ohrum, the senior enlisted leader of Amphibious Squadron 6. “I can take these big picture things back to my command and our subordinate commands, so they understand their part and importance in the big picture.”

On the symposium’s second day, Adm. Daryl Caudle, commander, US Fleet Forces Command, took the opportunity to share his priorities and leadership principles with waterfront leaders. Among other topics, he spoke about the value of having an aggressive, offensive mindset and how risk calculations factor into planning and decision-making.

Leaders and civilian experts presented briefs, discussed numerous topics and answered questions regarding US Navy operations and interoperability with allies and partner nations.

Captain Bill Miante, commanding officer of TACRON 22, highlighted the value of taking positive, actionable strategies back to his command.

“My biggest takeaway from this will be about how to best manage our Sailors. No matter what platform or command you are at, setting your personnel up for success while achieving the mission translates everywhere,” said Miante.

SURFLANT mans, trains and equips assigned surface forces and shore activities, ensuring a capable force for conducting prompt and sustained operations in support of United States national interests. The SURFLANT force is composed of nearly 80 ships, 17 pre-commissioning units, and more than 30 shore commands.

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