Nick Cannon & Masked Singer Panelists Perform With Kermit The Frog

The Masked Singer panelists and host Nick Cannon put on a special performance with Kermit the Frog in a preview of Muppets night. Last week, Andrew Lloyd Webber was a guest panelist for the episode dedicated to his legendary Broadway musicals. Gloria Gaynor and Mario Cantone were revealed during the episode, with Robo Girl moving on to the next round. This week, panelists will have Miss Piggy as a guest host. Kermit will make his second appearance on the show, as his first appearance was during season 5 when he was eliminated during premiere night. Kermit performed as the Snail.


In a preview for the new The Masked Singer episode, Kermit reunites with Nick, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger for a performance. The Masked Singer host and panelists sing “Rainbow Connection” with the famous frog and are all dressed for the big night. Robin and Nicole show off their impressive vocals while Ken, Jenny, and Nick do their best, with the help of auto-tune, to keep up with their costars. Robin and Nicole have both performed on the show before. Robin performed with season 6 contestants Banana Split and Nicole performed the same season with Queen of Hearts. The two also performed during The Masked Singer season 8, with Robin opening TV night and Nicole opening Andrew Lloyd Webber night.

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The Masked Singer Muppet Night Contestants Could Fit The Theme

Robin honored his late father, Alan Thicke, by performing the theme song for Growing Pains, which his father starred in from 1985 through 1992. Nicole performed “Memory” from Andrew’s musical “Cats.” The star also performed the title song from The Phantom of The Opera at Royal Variety in 2011. For Muppets night, Robo Girl will be joined by two new contestants. The Lambs and Beetle are set to go up against last week’s winning contestant to see who will advance in the competition and who will be eliminated. So far, Harp has succeeded through three rounds and will return to The Masked Singer season 8 during the semi-finals.

The theme nights have added so much fun to The Masked Singer this season. It’s been a blast seeing the panelists and host get dressed up for the special nights and to see the contestants coordinate their performances with the theme. During TV night, the two eliminated contestants matched the theme as well. The Mummies were revealed as The Brady Bunch stars Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, and Mike Lookinland, and Fortune Teller was revealed as Shark Tank‘s Daymond John. The same may occur during Muppets Night as well.

If contestants do follow the theme, they might end up being stars of children’s shows or celebrities that have appeared with The Muppets either in a performance or one of their movies. Stars like Tina Fey, Amy Adams, and Jason Segel have appeared in films with the famous characters. Liza Minelli, Steve Martin, and Elton John have also all been guests on The Muppet Show. The Masked Singer could also feature some singers that have appeared on Sesame Street. Singer Billie Eilish appeared on the children’s show in 2021, and recently girl group Haim announced they will be in the upcoming season. With the three-member Lambs group performing in the episode, Haim could very well be behind the costume. No matter who’s revealed, fans still have a great performance from The Masked Singer‘s host and panelists to enjoy.

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 pm EST on Fox.

Source: The Masked Singer / YouTube

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