New materials in the Ozark Regional Library System

Provided by Michelle Swane, library director

If you don’t see it at your local branch, ask your librarian to order it for you (or you can go to our online catalog and place a hold on the item yourself). Remember, a library card is free.

  • Alexander, Tasha. Secrets of the Nile
  • Atkinson, Kate. Shrines of Gaiety
  • Benn, James R. From the Shadows: A Billy Boyle World War II Mystery
  • Carlson, Melody. A Quilt for Christmas
  • Carr, John Dickson. To Death Do Us Part
  • Connolly, John. The Furies
  • Johansen, Iris. Captive
  • Johnson, Craig. Hell and Back
  • Nethercott, GennaRose. Thistlefoot
  • St. James, Dorothy. A Perfect Bind
  • Turow, Scott. Suspect
  • Upson, Nicola. Dear Little Corpses
  • Walters, Natalie. Fatal Code: The Snap Agency
  • Woods, Stuart. Distant Thunder

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  • Allen, Rachel. Soup Broth Bread: 120 Vibrant and Heartwarming Recipes
  • Chrisman-Campbell, Kimberly. Skirts: Fashioning Modern Femininity in the Twentieth Century
  • Clark, Melissa. Dinner in One: Exceptional & Easy One-Pan Meals
  • Dombrowski, Chris. The River You Touch: Making a Life on Moving Water
  • Goodall, John. The Castle: A History
  • Henry, Todd. Daily Creative: A Practical Guide for Staying Prolific, Brilliant, and Healthy
  • Munroe, Randall. What If? 2: Additional Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions
  • O’Brady, Colin. The 12 Hour Walk: Invest One Day, Conquer Your Mind, and Unlock Your Best Life
  • Pamuk, Orhan. Nights of Plague
  • Quammen, David. Breathless: The Scientific Race to Defeat a Deadly Virus
  • Senik, Troy. A Man of Iron: The Turbulent Life and Improbable Presidency of Grover Cleveland
  • Cohen, Christine. The Sinking City
  • Guillory, Sarah. Nowhere Better Than Here
  • Meh, Adeline Yen. Chinese Cinderella
  • Mason, Michelle I. My Second Impression of You
  • Perez, Celia C. Tumble
  • Preuss, Margie. Windswept
  • Atinuke. Too Small Tola
  • Buyea, Rob. The Daredevils
  • Griffith, Evan. Manatee Summer
  • Hahn, Mary Downing. What We Saw
  • Henkes, Kevin. Oh, Sal
  • Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey: John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress Part II Christiana & the Celestial City
  • MacLauchlan, Patricia. My Life Begins!
  • Perkins, Lynne Rae. Violet & Jobie in the Wild
  • Berenson, Laurie. Peg and Rose Solve a Murder: A Senior Sleuths Mystery
  • Fraser, Matt. We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife
  • Kirkpatrick, Jane. Beneath the Bending Skies
  • Baldacci, David. The 6:20 Man
  • Patterson, James & Brendan Dubois. Blow Back
  • Baby doll
  • Red Riding Hood
  • “The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone”
  • Sweet Bird of Youth
  • What Happens in Vegas


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