Masked Singer 2022 LIVE – Fans confused as show airs late in the US after last week’s shocking cancellation

MASKED Singer is airing tonight in the US after the show was postponed last week, confusing fans.

The Masked Singer was expected to air after the Phillies and the Braves finished their playoff game – which was broadcast on FOX.

However, American fans had to wait until it arrived on Hulu to see the show, which features Andrew Lloyd Webber as a special guest judge.

The new episode has introduced three new masked vocalists: Mermaid, Robogirl, and Maize. One of these three may advance to the semifinals.

One fan commented on the episode teaser: “That was last week wasn’t it? Am I losing it?”

Another from Canada who saw the episode said: “I watched that already last week on CTV channel in Canada.”

The fourth episode of season eight of The Masked Singer will air tonight at 8pm ET on FOX.

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  • Previous winners of The Masked Singer

    The celebrity singing show is on its eighth season and started back in 2019.

    Here is a list of all the previous winners of The Masked Singer:

  • Update on who has been eliminated

    The last episode of The Masked Singer was not aired in the US last week due to scheduling issues, but the episode did air in Canada so we know who has been eliminated in Week 4.

    The eliminated contestants include:

    • Week 1 – Monty Python actor Eric Idle, disguised as Hedgehog
    • Week 1 – NSYNC singer Chris Kirkpatrick, disguised as Hummingbird
    • Week 1 – Captain Kirk actor William Shatner, disguised as Knight
    • Week 2 – Ventriloquist and comedian Jeff Dunham, disguised as Pi-Rat
    • Week 2 – Pastor and singer Montell Jordan, disguised as Panther
    • Week 3 – The Brady Bunch stars Christopher Knight, Mike Lookinland, and Barry Williams disguised as Mummies
    • Week 3 – Shark Tank CEO Daymond John, disguised as Fortune Teller
    • Week 4– Sex and the City star Mario Cantone, disguised as Maize, and ‘I Will Survive’ singer Gloria Gaynor, disguised as Mermaid
  • In front of a live studio audience

    According to Insider, even though each episode is new to home viewers and the shouting audience on TV makes it appear as though the show is being recorded live, the performances are not truly taking place in real-time.

  • ‘Bigger is better’

    Heading into season eight, judge Robin Thicke shared with Deadline: “The producers care so much about every season and every episode and making sure that it’s not monotonous and we offer our audience something special and original.

    “You have to keep on trying to top yourself each year. Sometimes bigger is better. “

  • How to watch The Masked Singer

    Viewers can watch season eight of The Masked Singer via the FOX channel.

    New episodes are set to premiere on Wednesdays at 8pm ET.

    Those who can’t tune into network television are able to view the show on streaming platforms Hulu and FuboTV.

  • Costume designer, continued

    As a result, Toybina may create several variations before deciding which would be exhibited throughout a season.

    Participants are given numerous options to choose from based on their history and what could fit them best.

    Their reasons for wearing a costume vary; some have an emotional attachment to it.

    Others, on the other hand, prefer to be able to roam around freely throughout performances.

  • Masked Singer costume designer identity revealed

    Marina Toybina created the series’ costumes. She incorporates celebrity and producer requests in addition to her own thoughts while generating early proposals.

    By employing diverse stitching and construction techniques, each is intended to stand out from those seen in prior seasons and other iterations of the Masked Singer series.

    Toybina drafts each concept with a pencil and works with an illustrator to make a digital version with a 3D look after researching fur and skin textures, historical dresses, and everything that could be related to each character.

    Producers go over each design and make notes on what needs to be changed.

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