I bought my boys two Harry Potter books for £5 & now they’re worth thousands – you could have hidden treasure too

A LUCKY mum who bought her sons two Harry Potter books for a fiver each was left stunned after they turned out to be first editions worth thousands.

Tessa Prince, 65, purchased the JK Rowling novels from the same book shop in 1997 and 1998 to encourage both her sons, John and Billy, to read.


Jim Spencer is renowned for sourcing valuable Harry Potter books and believes the collectors novels could fetch over £7KCredit: SWNS
The Hansons books expert said 'the Harry Potter phenomenon has sparked a vibrant collectors' market'


The Hansons books expert said ‘the Harry Potter phenomenon has sparked a vibrant collectors’ market’Credit: SWNS
One of the books was signed by JK Rowling


One of the books was signed by JK RowlingCredit: SWNS

The retired school administrator had no idea at the time the copies of the Philosopher’s Stone and the Chamber of Secrets were first editions or that their value would soar.

It was only when Tessa, from Twickenham, south London, took some jewelery to an auctioneers to be valued recently that she discovered their true worth.

Her paperback copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was personally signed by author JK Rowling, increasing its value to between £4,000-£6,000.

Tessa was then stunned to discover the Chamber of Secrets novel was also a first edition, which could fetch between £1,000-£1,500.

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Her husband, Alan Prince, 65, a retired chartered accountant, said: “Our sons were aged 10 and eight in 1997 and avid readers.

“When Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone came out, my wife went to the Lion & Unicorn bookshop in Richmond, London, and bought a paperback copy for £4.99.

“We had no idea it was a first edition until years later.

“The boys really enjoyed reading it so when Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was released in 1998, she bought a hardback copy from the same shop.

“It just happened to be signed by the author, JK Rowling.

“The shop thinks the signed copy must have been supplied by the publisher at the time.

“My wife was lucky enough to buy it. She paid the normal retail price, around £6.

“When the Harry Potter phenomenon really took off, I did think our copy of the Chamber of Secrets might have some value because it was signed by JK Rowling.

“More recently, I checked the print line on the books’ copyright pages and realized they were first issues. More coincidences followed.

“My wife took some jewelery to be valued by Hansons London at the Normansfield Theater in Teddington and happened to overhear someone talking about Harry Potter books.

“It turned out that Hansons’ book valuer Jim Spencer was a world-renowned expert on Potter first editions.

“We took his email address and sent him some information and pictures.

“We were really surprised to discover that our copy of the Philosopher’s Stone was potentially worth £4,000-£6,000 because it’s only a paperback.”

Alan added that the proceeds from the auction will be going to their now-adult sons.

The novels are set to go under the hammer in Hanson’s Auctioneers Library Auction at Bishton Hall, Staffs., on October 19 and together could potentially go for over £7,500.

Book expert Jim Spencer said: “That’s a pretty good return for a couple books that cost just over a tenner around 25 years ago.

“The copies are in excellent condition considering the passage of time, and the fact that they were well read by two young boys.

“The paperbacks are often very tired from rattling around inside school rucksacks.

“These were clearly handled with great care and have survived remarkably well.

“The Harry Potter phenomenon has sparked a vibrant collectors’ market.

“In recent years Hansons has sold hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of valuable Potter first editions and we already have a phone bidder booked for these lots.

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“I have come across some lucky discoveries before now but buying two Harry Potter first editions by chance at your local book shop is one of the best examples yet.

“I very much hope the Potter magic brings home a good result for the Prince family – and that Tessa’s lucky streak continues.”

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