6th EducationUSA Fair highlights opportunities to study in US

OVER 2,500 prospective students, parents and teachers explored opportunities to study in the United States at the 6th EducationUSA Philippines Fair organized by the US Embassy and the Philippine-American Education Foundation on Oct. 8 at the Shangri-La Plaza in Mandaluyong City.

“After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, we are thrilled to welcome everyone back to the EducationUSA Fair in person. The exchange of students, researchers, scholars, and educators, along with broader international education efforts between the United States and other countries, strengthens relationships between current and future leaders. These relationships are necessary to address shared challenges and contribute to global peace and security, “US Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Heather Variava said at the event’s opening ceremony.

EducationUSA advisors and representatives from 32 US universities and colleges offered information on academic programs, admission procedures, scholarship and financial aid options, and student visa applications.

The EducationUSA Fair is held annually and is free and open to the public.

“I know firsthand that selecting and applying for admission to US universities can be a daunting process. I recently went through this process with my own son, who is a high school student. The US Embassy’s EducationUSA Advising team is available to help you navigate the process with free, unbiased information on US higher education, “Variava added.

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EducationUSA also hosted a networking lunch that enabled officials from Filipino universities and high schools to meet visiting US university representatives and discuss the study interests of Filipino students, scholarship opportunities, US school offerings and potential institutional partnerships.

American university representatives recognized the high quality of students in the Philippines and noted that Filipino youth seem more prepared than ever to pursue educational opportunities.

“Prospective students can position themselves well in the US college and university application process due to the excellent preparation they receive in Filipino high schools and universities. We are excited to welcome more students from the Philippines,” said David Danenberg, Associate Director for Admissions and Financial Aid at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy.

“EducationUSA opens doors to tremendous opportunities. The EducationUSA Fair featured enthusiastic representatives from US colleges and universities and an overwhelming number of programs that cater to every student’s interests.” student Jose Miguel Villegas said.

EducationUSA is the US government’s official resource for students interested in higher education in the US. It provides free advising services to prospective international students in more than 170 countries and offers students resources and tools to help navigate the five steps to US study: researching schools, financing, completing the application, obtaining a student visa and preparing for departure.

An EducationUSA adviser can help students narrow their options, define their priorities, and plan their college careers.

While EducationUSA does not offer scholarships, it can assist students in identifying scholarship and financial assistance opportunities.

Learn more about EducationUSA at www.facebook.com/educationusa.philippines.


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