Tove Lo New Music 2022 After Eloping: Singer Worried Fans No Longer Want to ‘Hear’ Her

Tove Lo has released her highly awaited fifth studio album, Dirt Femme. Tove Lo is a multi-platinum selling musician nominated for a GRAMMY®. Each song on the CD is accompanied with a visual “scene” showcasing Tove as a different character according to the song. Dirt Femme is Tove’s most confessional album to date, transforming deeply raw confessions, emotions, memories, and experiences into irresistible dance-floor filling gems.

It features some of the year’s hottest tracks, including “No One Dies From Love,” “2 Die 4,” and “True Romance,” as well as her latest single, “Grapefruit.” A talent that relatively few artists possess.

Completing the album however was not a smooth road. It triggered some insecurities and worries from the singer. It’s also the first album she released after getting married, so it’s understandable how new and crazy everything felt when she was completing it.

Tove Lo joins Zane Lowe live in the Apple Music 1 studio to discuss her upcoming album “Dirt Femme.” She to Apple Music why she believes it is her best album to date and covers embracing femininity explains on the project, album tracks “Grapefruit” and “Suburbia,” her love / hate relationship with social media, collaborating with Channel Tres, getting married in Las Vegas, and more.

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She also revealed that she has some worries that fans actually no longer care to listen to her songs or hear her thoughts through her songs. She said she thinks this is her best work to date. It reminds her of creating her debut record alone in her bedroom, with only her emotional thoughts and everything else. But coupled with a yearning to be back in the world and around people, since I thrive so much when surrounded by people and the energy of the dance floor.

She revealed that once she had maybe five or six tracks that are currently on the album, she started to feel her confidence waning little. She started to wonder if people still wish to hear her ideas and emotions. Because every song on this album is about her and what she went through, she wonders if she’s still in touch with the people who adore her music once. Tove Lo added that her new album is in the aftermath of her getting married. She shared she spontaneously traveled to Las Vegas with a handful of her buddies. Amusingly, their folks were not particularly pleased that there was no grand ceremony.

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