The Masked Singer’s Chris Kirkpatrick Opens Up About Sharing The Stage With William Shatner And Eric Idle And Why He ‘Lost His Mind’

Celebrities live different lives than the rest of us and deal with adoring fans on aa consistent basis. With that said, just because someone is famous doesn’t mean that they too can’t get starstruck from time to time. Even NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick has his heroes, and meeting one of them recently on The Masked Singer caused him to “lose his mind.”

Chris Kirkpatrick was unmasked on The Masked Singer as Hummingbird, but he wasn’t the only celebrity unmasked on that night (check our full list of Season 8 reveals here). Audiences also learned that The Knight was Star Trek actor William Shatner and that The Hedgehog was Monty Python’s Eric Idle (who revealed some big news following the episode). Kirkpatrick said he didn’t immediately know Shatner was on the show with him, but broke down what happened once he had an idea he’d soon get to meet Idle:

I was backstage when they got revealed. They got revealed one at a time. William Shatner I didn’t hear and I didn’t know until I went out at the end and I saw him sitting there. But, Eric Idle when I was backstage, I heard only because I was walking away and I heard him do the Monty Python song, ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life,’ as his kind of outro song. I just lost my mind. The minute I heard that I was like, ‘That’s one of the Monty Python guys. That’s gotta be Michael Palin, Eric Idle, ‘one of those. I was a huge, huge, fan of Monty Python. So much so that after we all got revealed, I ran over to his dressing room and just had to shake his hand and take a picture with him. It was awesome.

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