Olentangy high schools’ broadcast program fosters talent, appeal

Students at all four Olentangy Schools high schools are having their talents broadcast all over school.

That’s the point of the schools’ broadcast journalism classes, each of which produces daily live news programs, sports and entertainment coverage and other live and recorded programming.

These classes have seen a boost in the quality of their spaces and equipment since district voters approved an operating levy in 2020.

Among the assurances made by district leaders was that the district’s broadcast programs would benefit if the levy were approved. Over the past two summers, new studio spaces have been built and furnished, and new equipment has been purchased, which, teachers have said, has already provided noticeable benefits to students.

“We’re looking to provide an authentic experience with broadcast journalism,” said Laura Risaliti, who teaches the ❜Tangy Today broadcast class at Olentangy High School. “The changes and updates that have been made in the past couple years have improved our ability to do that.”

Olentangy High School senior Ainsley Scott runs the Wirecast streaming program while junior Kaden Rethlake runs the teleprompter during Olentangy Schools' Tangy Today broadcast Sept.  26.

More space for Olentangy Schools’ broadcast journalism programs

Perhaps the most noticeable changes are to the physical spaces where broadcasts are recorded.

They earlier used shared or undersized spaces, with borrowed furniture and less-than-ideal lighting, but each school now has a setup that includes a soundproofed studio and control room.

Olentangy Liberty High School broadcast teacher Rebecca Granata said her school’s space had included the end of an English classroom. That required moving desks and other classroom furniture for recording Liberty News Network shows, she said. A storage room had inadequate ventilation, and, more recently, a larger storage room was used but with no control room and no ability to broadcast live, she said.

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