Who is Claudia Sulewski? All about Finneas’ girlfriend as singer pays tribute on 4th anniversary

Singer-songwriter Finneas recently celebrated his fourth anniversary with YouTuber Claudia Sulewski. Also known as Finneas Baird O’Connell, he posted a tribute to Sulewski on social media and wrote,

“You’d have to scour the globe to try to find someone equally as talented, creative and hard working as you are, my love. Then you’d have to do it a second time to try to find someone as kind, thoughtful and generous. “

He continued:

“A third time to find someone as funny, a fourth to find someone as loving, a fifth to find someone as beautiful. How you manage to be every one of these things all at once, will forever be the impossibility of you. Happy anniversary, Baby, I love the hell out of you. “

Sulewski replied by saying that his vows are “going to destroy” her. She also posted an anniversary video on TikTok where their pet dog Peaches goes up to bed where Claudia is standing on one side and O’Connell is on the other side. The couple can be heard laughing in the video, which featured a brief snippet of the song Valley by Perfume Genius.

Everything known about Finneas’ partner

Claudia Sulewski is a YouTube star and actress (Image via Phillip Faraone / Getty Images)


O’Connell’s family reportedly used to meet Sulewski during the pandemic. While Sulewski has been regularly photographed with the O’Connells, including Billie Eilish, they don’t feature on her YouTube channel.

Finneas is popular for his singles and released his first EP, Blood Harmonyin October 2019 followed by his first album, Optimistlast year.


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