What is Nicole Scherzinger’s net worth? Singer all set to surprise her grandparents in Secret Celebrity Renovation Season 2 finale

Secret Celebrity Renovation is set to wrap up another emotional yet exciting season, with the latest celebrity to appear on the show being Nicole Scherzinger. The Pussycat Dolls’ lead singer returns to Hawaii to surprise her Tutu and Papa and thank them for raising her and introducing her to the world of dance and music.

The description of the episode reads:

“Singer Nicole Scherzinger returns to Hawaii to gift her” Tutu and Papa, “who introduced her to the world of singing and dancing, a home transformation that will make the house more spacious and accessible.”


The season finale is set to air on Friday, September 23, 2022, at 8 pm ET.

Nicole Scherzinger’s net worth explored ahead of her appearance on Secret Celebrity Renovation

The singer is set to exchange her mic for a sledgehammer in the final episode of Secret Celebrity Renovation Season 2. Nicole’s net worth reportedly stands at $ 14 million and is largely attributed to her career as a musician and entrepreneur.

The 44-year-old singer, actor, songwriter, and TV personality was born in Hawaii into a Catholic family. However, after her parents’ separation, she moved with her mother to Kentucky and took her stepfather’s last name after he officially adopted her.

Nicole dove into the world of music by collaborating with Days Of The New and even dropped out of school to go on tour with them. While her most notable group performances include her time with the Pussycat Dolls, it was not her first time in a girl band.

Prior to auditioning for the famous girl band, she traveled to Los Angeles as part of Eden’s Crush. While Pussycat Dolls gained international stardom together, Nicole also started to establish herself as a solo artist. However, her venturing as a solo singer eventually caused internal friction in the group and led to the band going on a break in 2009.

The Secret Celebrity Renovation star’s debut album, Killer Love, was released in 2011 and did well in the UK. This was followed by a new record deal with Sony in 2014 worth $ 4.5 million.

Post her separation from the girl band, the singer found work in a different direction as a judge on shows such as The Sing-Off and The X Factor UK. By the end of season 10 of The X Factorshe started drawing a salary of $ 2.3 million.

While being cast as a judge has gained Nicole a lot of fame, the star has also appeared as a contestant on many shows, participating in and winning season 10 of Dancing With The Starsas well as I Can Do That in 2015.

Scherzinger purchased a property in Hollywood Hills in 2016 worth $ 3.75 and put it back on the market in 2020 for $ 8 million, followed by selling a Hawaiian property for $ 1.35 million.

Nicole is returning to Hawaii to give her grandparents a grand gift. In the latest episode of Secret Celebrity Renovation, the singer will be seen thanking her Tutu and Papa for introducing her to the world of music. As a token of gratitude, she will transform their home to make it more spacious and accessible as her Papa has limited mobility.


In an exclusive clip on YouTube, Rob Mariano and Nicole are seen working on a kitchen island that the two are adding to make things easier for her grandfather. With the help of interior designer Sabrina Soto, the three transform the kitchen.

Another clip shows the Grammy Award winner taking a sledgehammer to the walls. In her Secret Celebrity Renovation confessional, she said:

“It’s a bit scary because I’ve never done, I’ve never picked up a sledgehammer.”

She is seen having fun tearing the wall down and says that she has so many memories of the place, but now she’s tearing the place down. While the three seem to enjoy tearing down the wall, Rob soon informs them that they might have a problem.

Stay tuned and watch out for what the problem might be and how the Secret Celebrity Renovation team deals with the hiccup.


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