Ulverston International Music Festival announces new upcoming concert series

A RENOWNED music festival has announced a new concert series taking place later this year.

Ulverston International Music Festival (UIMF) has revealed a new concert series at Ulverston Parish Church, to be held during the autumn and spring.

Beginning today and tomorrow, they will present two concerts on consecutive days, on the final weekend of each month – one lunchtime and one evening performance.

Artistic Director Anthony Hewitt said: “A regular concert series has been something I’ve wanted to do for some time. The catalyst for the decision was investing in the long-term lease of a Steinway D grand piano. Renting such a piano for a one-off performance is a hugely expensive proposition. However we’ve negotiated a deal and the longer loan allows us to create this new regular series.

“I’m very excited about this golden opportunity for classical music lovers in South Lakes to hear lots of different program combinations and brilliant performers on a regular basis. Special attention will be given to composers who deserve to be heard more often, and less- known works will be championed alongside household favourites.

“Contemporary composers will play an important part too. Music is not only from the past – it is an evolving art form – and with so many wonderful living composers writing beautiful music, we’d like to support their work and bring it to the attention of those who may not yet have discovered it”.

The Autumn Series consists of:

Friday September 23, 1pm – Anthony Hewitt, piano

Saturday September 24, 7.30pm – Usha Kapoor, violin & Edward Leung, piano

Friday October 28, 1pm – William Bracken, piano

Saturday October 29, 7.30pm – Martin Roscoe, piano

Friday November 25, 1pm – Janne Thomsen, flute & Anthony Hewitt, piano

Saturday November 26, 7.30pm – Janne Thomsen, flute, Anthony Hewitt, piano & TBC, cello

The whole project, the investment in the Steinway, the regular series, is designed to encourage more people to come out and experience live music.

Mr Hewitt said: “The hope is that this will be stimulating for people who may feel isolated or alone during the autumn months; live music is a harbinger of good and benefits health and well-being, enhances emotional contentment, and connects us with each other. We have learned so much through the pandemic about the importance of social interaction.

“For those who are accustomed to the fantastic standard and variety of concerts the Festival produces year on year, this new series will offer a vibrant, eclectic and fresh take on programming, giving people the chance to hear some gems and delights of the repertory which they may not have heard before.”

Full details of concerts and tickets are available from www.ulverstonmusicfestival.co.uk

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