Texas pop-punk singer Maggie Lindemann lets fly with ‘Suckerpunch’

Maggie Lindemann hopes her new pop punk album “Suckerpunch” provides the kind of refuge to listeners that she found in the music she turned to when she was younger.

“Growing up, I needed those artists where I could just go to my room and put the headphones on and escape,” said Lindemann, a Dallas native with ties is Boerne. “I just hope they can do this with this album. I want them to be able to listen to every song and feel a different feeling. “

“Suckerpunch” is her first studio album. It follows her 2021 EP “Paranoia” and the 2017 single “Pretty Girl,” which has more than 840 million streams on Spotify.

Lindemann first made a splash online as a teenager, posting videos of herself singing on Instagram. Social media remains a key part of her career – she has nearly 6 million followers on Instagram, 2.5 million on TikTok and more than 503,000 on Twitter. She’s used the sites, where she often is depicted in provocative attire and poses, to help drive excitement for her music and to promote Swixxz, her fashion line.

She controls her image on those sites, she said, noting that they’re an important way to keep fans up-to-date on what she’s got going on. But she sometimes finds them stressful, and often has to be reminded to post.

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“There’s so many people’s opinions,” she said. “When I first started on social media, it was a fun thing, and you just posted to have fun, and now it’s so calculated – people are paying attention to everything. I think that’s kind of ridiculous, so I don’t like to partake in it too much. “

Singer-songwriter Maggie Lindemann poses in the stairwell leading to the rooftop seating area for Revolucion Coffee + Juice at The Rim while visiting family and friends in San Antonio in July of 2021.

Lisa Krantz / Staff photographer

Her current posts, not surprisingly, are about “Suckerpunch.”

The title was the last piece of the puzzle on the propulsive new release. She considered calling it “Punch” but swiftly rejected that idea. As she was weighing other contenders, she saw a TikTok edit of the 2003 movie “Sucker Punch” and decided to watch the movie again.

“When the title came up on the screen, I was like, ‘That’s the perfect title,’” she said. “I love that name. And then I looked it up, and ‘sucker punch’ means an unexpected blow or punch, and I was just like yeah, that’s perfect. “

The cover image also packs a wallop. It depicts Lindemann smoking in a tiny restroom, a sultry look on her face, the space bathed in green light. The image was taken in her old bathroom, she said – she pasted the cutouts from old issues of Playboy on the walls herself.

The photo captures what she was trying to convey in the music, she said.

“I wanted it to feel super-authentic and I wanted it to feel chaotic, because the album’s kind of chaotic,” she said. “And the whole theme was green, the whole vibe for this album was green, and so it had to be green.”

Lindemann, who briefly attended Boerne High School before moving to Los Angeles at 16 to pursue her career, has spent her whole life working toward a career in entertainment. She was in choir and performed in musicals in school, went to theater camp and studied dance.

She also has always been a writer.

Maggie Lindemann attended Boerne High School before heading to Los Angeles to advance her career.

Maggie Lindemann attended Boerne High School before heading to Los Angeles to advance her career.

Lisa Krantz / Staff photographer

“When I was super-young, I used to write a bunch of stuff that was absolutely horrible,” she said. “I was really into poetry – I read a lot of poetry and I was just into that so I would write stuff like that. And as I got older, I would try to make it into music.”

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She has worked with co-writers to this point. But beyond “Suckerpunch,” her plan is to focus on recording music she writes entirely on her own.

“I love working with other people, but I think when you are using your own brain to talk about stuff that’s happened to you, you’re going to get the most authentic lyrics, and sometimes I do get swayed,” she said. “Someone will say something, and I’ll go, ‘Well, that’s not really accurate to the story, but it sounds cool,’ so I’ll do it. I think writing by myself, I’m able to say exactly what I want to say. “

She has a few gigs lined up to promote the album, including Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, on a bill that includes Foo Fighters, My Chemical Romance and Evanescence.

Lindemann has toured a fair amount in her career, usually opening for other acts. She’s hoping to headline her own tour soon.

When she has come through Texas, she has mostly played Houston and Dallas. She doesn’t think she’s ever played San Antonio.

When she’s in this area, she’s here to visit family and friends rather than to perform. There’s one spot she always hits: Bumdoodler’s Lunch Company in Boerne.

“I go absolutely every single time I come home. They have really good sandwiches,” she said. “And then, I just like to go see friends. My two best friends are still there, so I like to go see them and we just hang.”

On her next visit, she’ll have a lot to talk about.

“I’m staying really busy,” she said. “I just put out the album, and I want to stay busy around it and have as many people hear it as possible.”

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