Kentish Town Library of Things celebrates its first birthday

Over 500 people from across the borough have now borrowed nearly 700 items, ranging from cleaning, DIY and gardening tools to items for cooking and events.

The Library of Things has also helped people share practical skills like DIY and repair with others in the community.

Rebecca Trevalyan, Co-founder, Library of Things said:

“We’re so excited to be celebrating one year of borrowing in Kentish Town! The cost-of-living crisis means so many of us are already looking for ways we can save – plus borrowing rather than buying helps to reduce waste and emissions too.

“In one year, almost 1,000 residents have already chosen to affordably rent items rather than buy them brand new – helping the local community to collectively save £29,000.”

Bene, a borrower from Kentish Town Library of Things said:

“I’ve used Library of Things a couple of times this year. I borrowed the pressure washer, garden sheers, lopper and reciprocating saw to save money by tidying up the garden myself. It’s a great resource for the community that makes it more affordable to access the tools and equipment you need for a one-off job.”

Essy, Community Activator for Kentish Town said:

“I’ve found new ways to connect to my community by helping my neighbors find out about Kentish Town Library of Things. I rarely used my local library until I started borrowing, but now it’s somewhere I visit regularly. Getting involved with local repair parties means I’ve been able to meet neighbors and make connections in a way I wouldn’t have expected.”

Following the success of the Kentish Town Library of Things, the Council is working to introduce a similar service at Kilburn Library.

The Library of Things offers over 30 useful household, DIY and gardening items for residents to borrow for as little as £1 a day. For more information visit:

Residents can register to receive regular updates on the proposed Kilburn Library of Things and find out more ways that they can get involved online at: Kilburn Community Space | Commonplace

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