Did we really walk on the moon in 1969? NASA is making me wonder

NASA tries fueling new moon rocket in test, but leak reoccurs | Sept. 22

NASA springs another leak

NASA is not doing a very good job of convincing people that man walked on the moon in 1969. Even with 53 years of technological advances, NASA can’t get the new rocket off of Earth. America stopped exploring the moon because the cost was astronomical. It appears we are still spending that astronomical amount, but with no success. How about the United States concentrate on Earth and all its problems and leave space to the aliens?

R. Giaquinto, Palm Harbor

House passes election law overhaul | Sept. 22

Election law overhaul

Congressional House Republicans have again shown their support of former President Donald Trump and all he stood for, or maybe didn’t stand for. With what would seem to be a no-brainer vote to prevent another Jan. 6th, nearly all House Republicans voted against simple safeguards to prevent a recurrence. Many of them indicated that this should not be a priority. Really? They are still admitting that they believe Trump won. They are still admitting that they will do anything he wants. And they have passed the point of ever admitting that they were wrong.

David Lubin, Tampa

Forget the cruel stunts. What should we actually do about immigration? | Column, Sept. 21

The party of “no”

Paul Waldman’s column about the GOP’s lack of a plan on immigration hits the nail on the head. They are really good at riling people up, but horrible at coming up with any solutions. Remember all the votes to abolish Obamacare, never offering anything to replace it? Just say “no” seems to be their answer for everything, while offering nothing to say yes to. Cheap, cruel, political stunts are what they have been reduced to.

Yvonne Osmond, Clearwater

DeSantis, Florida sued by 3 migrants | Sept. 22

Lack of sympathy

I see letter after letter of sympathy for the 50 migrants flow in Martha’s Vineyard, but none for the hundred who have died at the border in the past couple of years or the the 53 who dies in the back of a truck earlier this year or the hundreds who die from fentanyl poisoning every day. All the human suffering and insanity leads right to the door of the Biden white house. Our governor did this county a favor by resorting to an alleged stunt to make the media finally cover the border and put Biden on notice that this insanity at the border must end.

John Spengler, Spring Hill

DeSantis, Florida sued by 3 migrants | Sept. 22

Not looking very hard

Gov. Ron DeSantis says he can’t find migrants in Florida to deport. And he wants to be president of the United States?

David Reddy, Tampa

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