$ 15 million headquarters for TechSmith opens in East Lansing

EAST LANSING – The new 63,000-square-foot headquarters building for software company TechSmith on the edge of Michigan State University’s campus is opening its doors to the community Friday.

The new, shiny two-story structure at the corner of Crescent and South Harrison roads cost more than $ 15 million and was built with a forward-thinking and employee well-being mindset and is designed for employees to collaborate remotely or in-person, company officials said.

“Coming into this space, I finally feel like we have a space that matches who we are and how it feels to be a part of TechSmith,” Vice President of Human Resources Amy Casciotti said. “It’s a physical representation of what TechSmith is about and what it feels like to be here, like cool and edgy and techy.”

TechSmith specializes in screen capture and video editing technology, CEO Wendy Hamilton said.

The TechSmith building sits on approximately five acres that is owned by MSU and leased to the MSU Foundation. The MSU Foundation developed and owns the building.

A peek inside TechSmith's new headquarters in East Lansing, Thursday, Sept.  22, 2022. The new facility was designed to meet the trending need for collaborative hybrid workspaces.

The company was founded by Wendy Hamilton’s father, 1987 Michigan State University graduate William Hamilton. TechSmith’s employees support over 73 million users worldwide across 190 countries, according to a MSU Foundation press release.

The company’s mission is to help “anybody put knowledge into video” which has become more relevant in recent years, Wendy Hamilton said.

“Since the pandemic, the amount of remote work, remote training, remote education has skyrocketed,” she said. “Many more people are working from home.”

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