Student loan forgiveness plan met with skepticism in Oklahoma

  • The White House announced Tuesday nearly 454,000 Oklahomans could see debt relief under President Joe Biden’s proposal.
  • Some Oklahomans could see full forgiveness of their outstanding loans.
  • Other Oklahomans may not see any relief under the current proposal.

Bailey Bussell, 24, was stunned when she found herself in a battle to prove her US citizenship in 2016 to Rose State College. Chinese, adopted and from a lower middle-class background, she said it took little more than a visit with a passport to the enrollment office, but what she discovered afterward was what really changed her life for the next several years.

She had attended Life Christian Academy, a private school, through high school and had signed up for the Oklahoma Promise scholarship program so that her first four years of college could be paid for by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. But she found out her first semester of college she did not qualify for the program after all.

“So (my parents and I) called them, and they got back to us, and they said, ‘Oh, well, because you didn’t take this one math class in high school, that immediately disqualifies you from the program,’ ”Bussell said. “And I was like, ‘It was just the one course? There’s nothing you can do to help me? ‘ And they were like, ‘Nope, sorry.’ ”

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