Sex education must be more comprehensive in Kentucky schools for teens

I distinctly remember the day that my school taught me its version of sex education. My middle school physical education teacher gave an uncomfortable presentation about STD / STIs while intermittently making jokes that elicited laughter from my classmates.

Today, as a high school student, this has been the only time that sex education has been taught to me. Of course, as a high school student, I know about sex. For most students, myself included, sex education comes from friends, siblings or older teammates.

Knowing the risks

What my peers fail to inform me of is the inherent risk in sexual engagement with multiple partners as well as the importance of contraception. Our conversations tend to focus on the experience.

This is the very reason why our states have laws requiring districts to have sex education implemented in curriculum. Kentucky’s lack of adequate sex education curriculum — especially in light of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, is especially problematic.

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