Masked Singer 2022 Season 8 LIVE – Fans think Tom Brady is a contestant after leaked clip ahead of season premiere

SEASON eight of The Masked Singer has begun, and fans are freaking out at the possibility of one football star joining the mysterious cast.

Fans are speculating that NFL legend Tom Brady could be competing in this season of the Masked Singer after a leaked clip from TMZ Sports insinuates as much.

In the footage, judge Ken Jeong guesses that the disguised celebrity in the Hummingbird costume is either Peyton Manning or Tom Brady because the contestant’s performance was “screaming out like a football legend.”

The seven-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback addressed the rumors on Twitter and on his podcast but online guessers have only come down on the guessing harder, with one Twitter sleuth writing: “Tom Brady is back at Bucs practice today, and was ‘apparently’ vacationing in the Bahamas with family.

“Sounds like something someone who was on the Masked Singer would say.”

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  • ‘Better and better’

    AGT star and Masked Singer alum Jackie Evancho tweeted out her love for the competition show.

    “Each season gets better and better!” the singer wrote.

  • Cliffhanger

    The premiere ends on a cliffhanger as the Hummingbird’s celebrity identity will be revealed on next week’s episode at 8pm ET on FOX!

  • Harp v Hummingbird

    The first Queen of season eight is …. THE HARP!

    This means that the Hummingbird will be unmasked and is leaving the show.

  • Eric’s comedy career

    Eric Idle began his comedy career after meeting fellow Monty Python stars John Cleese and Graham Chapman at the Footlights Club while studying at Cambridge University.

    The iconic show was on British screens from 1969 to 1983.

  • Robin was right!

    Panelist Robin Thicke correctly guessed that the Hedgehog is Eric Idle.

    Eric gives a shoutout to Paul McCartney, who gave him permission to sing Love Me Do.

    Eric is now singing Always Look on the Bright Side of Life from iconic movie Monty Python.

  • The Hedgehog is …

    The spiky singer reveals himself to be ERIC IDLE!

  • The next unmasking is …

    THE HEDGEHOG is the next celebrity to be unmasked!

    Nicole Sherzinger doubles down and guesses that the Hedgehog is Bill Nighy.

    Ken Jeong jokingly guesses Prince Harry before guessing Elton John.

    Robin Thicke guesses Eric Idle and Jenny McCarthy guesses John Cleese.

  • Robin and William’s relationship revealed

    Panelist Robin Thicke says that he knew William Shatner growing up as he was a friend of his father’s.

    “You could sing even then,” William recalls.

  • Who is William Shatner?

    William Shatner OC is a Canadian actor, author, producer, director, screenwriter, singer and astronaut.

    He has become the oldest person to go to space.

    William jokingly says his experience on The Masked Singer has been “horrible.”

    “Oh, was that fun!” he concludes.

  • The Knight’s unmasking

    The Knight reveals himself to be …

    Canadian actor WILLIAM SHATNER!

  • Final guesses

    Before the Knight’s unmasking, Ken Jeong guesses David Hasselhoff.

    Jenny McCarthy guesses William Shatner.

    Nicole Sherzinger guesses John Lithgow.

    Robin Thicke guesses Weird Al.

  • The results are in

    The first singer to get unmasked tonight is …


  • Voting opens now for audience members

    Three contestants are going home tonight, but the one performer with the most audience votes will be crowned King or Queen.

    Voting is open now, and it’s only a matter of time before the season’s first unmasking.

  • Fans have it nailed down

    Online fans are guessing that the Knight is Canadian actor William Shatner.

  • The Knight’s arrival

    The Knight has a strange accent and said that he’s worked with George Lucas.

    He said that he’s thrown two chairs on national television and that he donated a body part to charity.

    The Knight is now singing Puttin ‘On The Ritz by Taco.

  • Hummingbird performs

    Hummingbird performed I Don’t Want to Be by Gavin DeGraw.

    Hummingbird says that the things that he treasures the most are the awards that are “out of the world.”

    Ken Jeong guesses Peyton Manning at first before changing his answer to Tom Brady.

  • Ken guesses Ringo Starr

    The audience boos after Ken guesses Ringo Starr, causing him to then guess Elton John.

    The audience screams: “No Ken!”

  • Paul McCartney’s clue

    The Hedgehog is performing Love Me Do by The Beatles, which might be a clue as Paul McCartney tweeted that his “pal” will join the show this season.

    “Best of luck friend!” the singer wrote.

    “Sing with all your heart!”

  • Hedgehog clues

    The hedgehog is British and says that the show is “one of the most normal things he’s done” as he’s posed naked for Playboy.

    “I’m a part of one of the biggest groups of all time.”

    “I not only have a cult following, but I also have a celebrity following.”

  • Judge says it’s his ‘favorite season’

    As the premiere started, judge Ken Jeong tweeted that this is his “truly his favorite season” yet.

  • Judges guess Harp identity

    Robin Thicke guesses that the triple-threat is Queen Latifah under the mask.

    Jenny McCarthy guesses Fantasia or Jordin Sparks.

    Ken Jeong guesses Jennifer Hudson.

  • Fans guess Glee star

    Online fans are taking to Twitter to guess that the Harp is none other than singer and actress Amber Riley.

  • The Harp’s clues

    The Harp says that when she was a teen, she auditioned for the “biggest show in the world.”

    She was rejected, but later became an idol for the outcasts of the world.

    The Harp is now singing an acapella version of Perfect by Pink!

  • The Harp takes the stage

    A golden and “majestic” harp takes the stage.

    “She’s got grace, she’s got class, she’s got stage presence,” Jenny McCarthy says.

  • Tune in!

    Season 8 of The Masked Singer is now premiering on FOX.

    Tune in to see who gets unmasked tonight.

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