Deerfield Beach High School senior Jalliyia Phillippy shines in class

MIAMI – Jalliyia Phillippy is in her senior year at Deerfield Beach High School and has soared to new academic heights as she prepares to graduate and leave high school behind.

“I am in calculus,” she said recently. “AP calculus right now.”

While an Advanced Placement calculus class would leave most people perplexed and asking what the what?

It’s Jalliyia’s most challenging class even though all of her classes are AP.

“I’m in the IB program now, which is actually harder, but it’s a really good program,” she said. “But I like it because it has so many advanced courses”

Jalliyiah challenges herself in The International Baccalaureate Program as she prepares for a challenging career.

“I’m applying to Howard University, which is my top school (and) my number one school,” she said. “I want to go to for the medical program that they have because I want to be a doctor”.

Jalliyiah’s plan now is to care for others by becoming an anesthesiologist.

And her high school career is filled with advanced instruction, including pre-med courses so that when she graduates whe will already have college credit hours.

“Physics chemistry, yeah chemistry, was also very interesting to me,” Jalliyiah said. “I’m also taking AP chemistry this year so I gravitate more towards the sciences than math, but I’m really good at reading (and) writing. I’m really good at writing, too.”

Writing is also where Jallihiah has found refuge.

Her senior essay is on the Great Barrier Reef and climate change.

Her IB teacher is blown away by the aptitude of a young mind that’s like a sponge, soaking up knowledge.

“What I love about her is that as she’s writing what is on the computer is 10 times larger than what you see just quietly sitting there working,” said Stephanie Beaty, an IB Instructor for Jalliyiah, agreeing with a description of her as being similar to a flower that is blossoming. “Yes, I think so.”

Beaty has seen a focus and perseverance that few possess.

The student took it upon herself to use the Khan Academy website to repeatedly take practice SAT exams.

She combined that with the College Board website to apply for scholarships, one of them worth $ 40,000.

Jalliyiah won, helping to ease the financial strain of paying for college.

“When she’s walking into the college of her choice, I think she’ll be able to look back and say ‘I did this,'” Beatty said. “I did this for myself and I put in the effort for it ‘. Super proud of her here”.

Jalliyiah walks the halls of her high school in her final year – wise beyond her years – owning her own advice– she offers to incoming young students.

“Choose something that you’re more interested in, because when you’re interested in it, you do better ,: she counsels.

In addition to the College Board scholarship, Jalliyiah has also earned a Fulbright Future Scholarship, another reason why she is a one of CBS Miami’s Students Who Shine.


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