Boost workplace productivity by 12% with effective office configuration

Currently, the climate of work is evolving and the office has become a concept that’s never been more talked about.

With pre-pandemic offices unable to correctly support staff, many employees prefer to work at home. In fact, a badly planned office could be wasting up to 75% of space – meaning businesses are throwing away unnecessary money and resources into unused work areas.

Leading design and build specialists like Gravity Office Interiors understand the importance of the office as a space that can unlock workforce potential, as well as serving as a competitive advantage for businesses.

It’s our belief that, once armed with accurate data, businesses can create a more efficient, productive and happier work environment for all.

Pioneering the Future Office …

Gravity Office Interiors lead the way in office design by understanding individual employee personas, captured by our space utilization calculator.

The revolutionary tool could save businesses an estimated £ 120,000 a year on staff absences by improving employee wellbeing through office layout, acoustics performance, lighting and more. By planning the perfect workspace, driven by human-centric design, we can reveal the ideal seat-to-staff ratio, the ergonomics of different areas, even the furniture that will best suit different departments.

Using data-driven office space planning, our design experts can create a flexible, ‘people first’ workplace accommodating company growth, as well as individual employee needs.

This can result in a great ROI (return on investment) with outcomes such as an estimated 12% productivity boost that could help businesses save money through increased performance, an 18% uplift in recruitment and retention and overall staff engagement and wellbeing improvements.

Once a business has submitted a few simple questions through the Gravity Space Calculator, we can output the recommended layout, along with utilization suggestions designed to maximize the efficiency of the office. Our report includes how much of the space should be dedicated to specific working areas, from traditional desking to breakout zones.

Investing in the Office With No Large, Upfront Costs …

Financing the future office couldn’t be easier. At Gravity Office Interiors, we offer fixed-rate financing options to help spread project costs. With this payment plan, an £ 80,000 office fit out can be managed with £ 1,650 monthly instalments over 5 years – something that an efficiently planned workplace and boosted staff retention could outstrip each month.

Space Planning Successes

Gravity Office Interior’s pioneering space planning has already seen huge successes. A creative business in Gloucestershire has already welcomed a large pool of staff back into the office after detailed space analysis led our team to design and build a new workplace that fully supports their change in work culture as they adopt a team-centric, hybrid style of working.

“We’ve had staff coming through this week and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and everyone is really looking forward to coming back in some way, soon.” – Signal, Cheltenham

Determine How Much Space Your Business Needs

At Gravity Office Interiors, we dare to pioneer the uncertainty of our future offices. Armed with data-driven statistics and a passion for creating inspiring workplaces, we’re confident in delivering end-to-end fit out solutions to businesses in and around Gloucestershire.

Tackle the Hybrid Workplace With Our Space Planning Calculator

Our Space Calculator provides a deeper understanding to businesses about the purpose of their office, offering:

  • Effective space utilization plans
  • Cost-effective interiors
  • Flexible workplace solutions
  • End-to-end fit out services
  • Specialist design insights
  • Indicative project costs

Discover your future office with a free space optimization report today or call 01242 802 119 or email a member of the team [email protected]


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