Book review of the book – Sri Aurobindo and Philosophy by Dr Pariksith Singh

Dr Pariksith Singh has proven to be a faithful follower of Sri Aurobindo with the way he has discussed the saint’s life in Sri Aurobindo and Philosophy. This book can easily be mentioned among the most sublime works about the philosopher.

Talking about Sri Aurobindo as a philosopher and a non-philosopher, the author has put together a ruminative book, giving the readers a comprehensive point of view about his teachings.

Dr Singh has done exceptionally well to not leave out anything from Sri Aurobindo’s teachings. The book covers his contributions to Indian Philosophy, Western Philosophy, Literature and Linguistics, Religion, Culture, Political Thought, and Psychology.

One of the main aspects that the writer wants to convey through this book is the remarkable, forward-looking approach and eternal relevance of Sri Aurobindo. Let me tell you, he has done so skillfully and practically.

Sri Aurobindo was far ahead of his time. The basis for all his ideas was the Vedanta, something that was evident when he gave a call for India’s independence from British rule. Unfortunately, the general public seems to have less knowledge of Sri Aurobindo’s role in Indian independence, and this book becomes a great starting point. It is time we understand the magnitude of his contributions and celebrate them.

In the book, Dr Singh talks about how Sri Aurobindo was a bridge between Western philosophies and Indian darshana. He did some exceptional work in changing the way people viewed Indian philosophies, but while doing that, he did not neglect Western ideas. His thoughts on Western philosophy led people to compare him to the greatest minds all over the world. Do not make the mistake of thinking that Sri Aurobindo’s teachings are limited to the people of India; they are for the entire humanity. The philosopher expertly combined modern ideologies with the spirit and ethos of the Vedanta.

Dr Singh believes, with all his heart, that we can find the solution to all contemporary challenges in Sri Aurobindo’s teachings, and he has proven that in this book. In order to simplify the great philosopher’s work as much as possible, the author has used lucid language while ensuring that it does not result in a collection of monotonous prose. The way he has made the saint’s teachings relatable for today’s audience made me awestruck numerous times. The author is not unaware that Sri Aurobindo’s high-minded thinking and exceptional ideas can be difficult to understand. So this book is his way of untangling any confusion or issue that the profound ideas of the philosopher might give rise to. The readers of this book will easily be able to understand the lofty thoughts of Sri Aurobindo. That is not all. As Sri Aurobindo believed that without ‘humor, our sages would not be sages, but asses’, Dr Singh has also included a good amount of wit and humor in this work as well.

The author has shown himself to be a brilliant writer and has penned this book with great care and precision. It is also proof that Dr Singh’s over 30 years of pursuit of the teachings of Sri Aurobindo has turned him into a devout follower of the great philosopher.

Sri Aurobindo was one of those rare philosophers whose contributions are as relevant today as they were decades ago. His excellence in literature, religion, and philosophy makes him a philosopher truly worth your time and energy. You will come to this realization after reading this book, and you will sense your thoughts getting transformed.

Here’s a line from the book that gives a gist of Dr Singh’s aim:

‘It is my belief that humanity will begin to catch up to his vision in the next few centuries, and if it accomplishes even a fraction of what he saw, we can be assured of a golden and bright horizon for our future generations.’

Legends would not be legends if they did not have people who misunderstood them, and Sri Aurobindo is no exception. This book is an attempt to open people’s minds and learn about this awe-inspiring philosopher with a fresh perspective.

Published by BlueOne Ink, this work is for anyone who is drawn to philosophy and likes to learn about the great minds of the past.

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