Sting once labeled himself a “heavy metal” singer

Gordon Sumner, or Sting, as he’s been known since he became attached to a black and yellow sweater in the 1970s, is a strange case in the sense that he is critically and commercially one of the most successful artists of all time, but also one of the most polarising.

For the most part, his work with new wave heroes The Police speaks for itself. While The Police created arguably some of the most cherished material of the era, it is Sting, the solo artist, that many take issue with. He’s undoubtedly a fine musician, with his style of bass playing unmistakable, but this hasn’t stopped Sting’s solo work from accusations of being bland and pretentious, as the whitebread hit ‘Englishman in New York’ indicates.

The notorious comments he made in 1990 about lengthy tantric sex sessions give a fitting indication of Sting’s character. During a drunken interview alongside Bob Geldof in Rolling Stone, the conversation turned to both musicians’ performance in bed, with Geldof remarking that he was a “three-minute man”.

However, Sting claimed – in all seriousness – that he could go for hours due to his yoga training, asking his dumbfounded companions: “Well, haven’t you heard of tantric sex?”. It took until 2014 and Sting’s wife Trudie Styler to dispel the age-old claim.

These are the kind of statements Sting has been known to make over his career, compounding the fact that his music is some of the most pretentious in the mainstream. Arguably his most ridiculous came in 2021 when he confirmed himself as the king of the white linen trouser adherents everywhere.

Stine surprised fans when he went beyond the pale and described himself as “a heavy metal singer” when discussing his vocal range. The comment came during an interview with producer Rick Beato and guitarist Dominic Miller, as reported by Loudwire: “I’m not here to belong to a genre or adapt myself to any kind of rules. I just do what I instinctively feel I want to do, ”the former Police man said. “I’m lucky to have that opportunity and the privilege to do that. I’m also helped by some fantastic musicians who feel the same way – exploring the whole spectrum of music, and not just saying ‘We’re in this ghetto here.’ We’re not. We play everything. “

Elsewhere in the conversation, Beato noted that on the iconic Police hit ‘Roxanne’, Sting uses an unusually high vocal register. He then made the claim that he is, in fact, a heavy metal singer but is better than everyone else in the field: “I think registers are interesting. Most heavy metal singers sing up there. So I’m a heavy metal singer, but I have a little more melody ”.

“It’s the same way that, to get above the noise of the band, you need that register. You can’t be a baritone with a rock band, really, ”Sting concluded.

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