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ABOVE: Dominick Lund-May is a sophomore at Fairmont High School and was recently selected as a representative for District 1 youth.

FAIRMONT- Dominick Lund-May, a sophomore at Fairmont High School, has been designated as a representative for Minnesota Congressional District 1 on the Minnesota Youth Council.

The council is organized by the Minnesota Alliance with Youth and brings together students from across the state to represent their interests to the state legislature and the Governor’s office. The organization was designated an official legislative committee for youth interests by the state government in 2013.

Lund said he originally heard about the council and was encouraged to apply by Kaycie Brookens, another Fairmont student who was a student representative on the council. He applied last spring and was designated as a representative this summer.

“I wanted to get a greater understanding of the political landscape within Minnesota and I wanted to learn how to represent and be a voice for my community,” he said.

In addition to representing District 1 on the council, Lund-May is a member of Fairmont’s soccer and tennis teams in addition to participating in math league, knowledge bowl, speech and debate.

Lund-May said he’s interested in learning about all levels of government. He began studying national and international politics for speech and debate last year and wants to know what it takes to be involved with the political process professionally.

“I think it’s important for everyone to have an understanding of the political landscape around them, but I also feel for me it could influence a future career path,” said Lund-May.

He also wants to emphasize environmental justice and mental health as a representative on the council.

“I’ve always been interested in climate as a political topic, but for me mental health and wellness is very easy to focus on, especially within a small community because mental health issues are prevalent within any town and any school,” said Lund-May.

He also hopes to fairly represent the interests of his peers, but acknowledged it can be difficult to accurately interpret the interests of large groups.

“I’m going to have to talk with the student body, with our members on the student council, and with other organizations within the school to see what kinds of problems we might be experiencing here. The problems experienced here are going to be experienced in other communities as well, and the youth council provides an opportunity for me to help fix both the problems here and in other places, “ said Lund-May.

There are two additional openings for students interested in representing District 1 on the council, and Lund-May encourages interested students to apply.

Because this is the beginning of Lund-May’s first year as a member of the council, he has yet to have an opportunity to meet with legislators and other student representatives. The first such meeting will take place in October.

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