Author Sarah Vie To Release Children’s Book About Mindfulness

Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine by Sarah Vie

A guide for children (and parents) on developing effective stress management techniques to face life’s everyday challenges.

When kids lean on the simple meditation practice in this book, they will learn that no matter what is going on, or what is happening around them, they have a safe place to land within their heart.”

—Sarah Vie

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, September 12, 2022 / — Foundational life coach and energy healer Sarah Vie is equipping children to face life’s challenges with inner peace and calm through the release of her book, Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine, published by Muse Literary. Subtitled, “The Little Girl Who Never Stopped Believing in Herself,” this 44 page beautifully illustrated picture book is designed to help children of any age practice connecting to their inner greatness, potential, and overall resilience. Vie’s objective in publishing the book is to empower children to recognize their truest potential before they start believing the world’s limiting stories.

“Mindful kids are the path to a future we all want to be part of,” says Vie. “The best way to ensure our children develop stress management skills and gentle practices is by incorporating self-guided meditations that they can use at school, sporting events, at home, during thunderstorms, long car rides and everywhere in between!”

Readers are introduced to Little Vie, an adventurous girl who is not afraid of a little dirt! In her adventures, she experiences all kinds of new things – like talent shows, a new little sibling, big scary storms and more. When things get tough on the outside, Little Vie chooses to dig deep inside herself to hear the “thump thump thump” of her heart so that her inner golden sparkle can shine bright! It’s through this conscious connection to her inner light that Little Vie learns she can overcome ANY obstacle with grace, and glittery rain boots – of course!

The simple and easy to learn mindfulness practices in this book are universal in their appeal and timeless in their value.

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