SAVAGE ISLAND by Brian Moreland [Book Review]

by Brian Moreland
Published by Silver Shamrock Publishing
Available in paperback

Four American tourists holidaying in Manila take a yacht out to a deserted, isolated island but this secret tropical paradise is anything but.

A sun-kissed holiday turns into a fight for survival in Brian Moreland’s 144-page novella, SAVAGE ISLAND.

Author Brian Moreland has crafted a story that pulls you into its living, breathing world as he turns what most people would imagine is a dream holiday into a living nightmare. Early on, Moreland puts the reader at ease as you imagine relaxing in the sun as the main characters, Amy and Jasmine, but it doesn’t take long for questions and doubts to start creeping in as the tension steadily rises. The horror element rears its head in a number of ways, rather than just focusing purely on one source. Even when one aspect seems handled, your senses have to be on high alert as threats are coming from multiple directions. This approach certainly keeps you on your toes with every page turn.

Moreland’s descriptive observations meant I could easily envisage every part of the story, like a movie playing in my mind, as the four discover the island isn’t all sun, sea and sand. Even when the characters are dealing with the horrors that await, you can’t deny the beauty of the island they find themselves in. This is how it deceives you. When you begin to fully realize the problems the characters are facing after being hypnotized by the sandy beaches and clear waters, it’s too late. The fight is on!

SAVAGE ISLAND is a relentless tale of survival that isn’t afraid to up the ante even when you think it couldn’t get any worse for the characters. Its pace and momentum keeps the energy high, delivering the kick at the right moment to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. Tension builds wonderfully when needed but Moreland isn’t afraid to take you by surprise either.

A fantastic horror thriller read for anyone who’s into stories of a paradise gone wrong – one that may make you think twice about visiting those hidden beaches!

Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆

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