Marriage viewers muting TV over BBC series’ “annoying” music

Sean Bean and Nicola Walker are regarded as two of the best British actors currently working in the industry and so for the pair to be starring opposite each other in new BBC drama Marriage makes for an appetizing prospect.

However, fans who have tuned in to the four-part series have been left divided over the series, with many criticizing the show’s use of music, notably its opening and closing theme.

But what exactly is the music in Marriage and what are viewers saying about the theme of the series?

Marriage | Trailer – BBC



Marriage | Trailer – BBC





Marriage release date and plot preview

Marriage arrived on BBC One and iPlayer on Sunday, August 14, 2022.

Starring Sean Bean and Nicola Walker, the series follows married couple Ian and Emma as they negotiate the ups and downs of their 30-year relationship.

Offering up a slice of real life, the series shows us the couple dealing with the insecurities, ambiguities, hopes and fears that are part of all marriages.

The series begins with the couple returning home from their holiday to Spain to find out that Ian has been made redundant while Emma is finding success at work but must balance that with Ian’s feelings.

Marriage © BBC | Rory Mulvey

The music of BBC’s Marriage

The theme music for Marriage is Partita for 8 Singers by Caroline Shaw.

Starring eight performers, the piece of music features disembodied voices repeating seemingly mundane lines of dialogue.

However, after a few repetitions of “To the side” and other lines of dialogue, the piece of music builds to an acapella crescendo as the show’s title appears on-screen.

Marriage © BBC | Rory Mulvey

Marriage viewers split over series’ music

While the acting talent of Nicola Walker and Sean Bean has received plenty of praise from fans, a number of viewers have been left divided over the music featured in Marriage, with many taking to social media to offer up their thoughts.

“I’m loving Marriage on BBC One at the moment, Nicola Walker and Sean Bean are first-rate,” commented one fan on Twitter. “However, I’m reaching for the mute button during the opening and closing music. It’s very over the top and doesn’t fit with the tone of the show.”

While another fan added: “Like the actors, but HATE the music! What a cacophony of crap!”

This fan disagreed, however, saying: “Absolutely loving Marriage on the BBC. It’s rare to see something on TV with so much space, simplicity and tension. Beautifully acted and honest. Plus I want more of that title music!”

“Like that BBC drama Marriage, good actors but the Intro & ending music is so annoying,” commented this viewer. “And about 1000 decibels louder than the program!”

This viewer also wasn’t keen: “I haven’t seen anything I didn’t like that Nicola Walker played in. But Marriage on BBC tonight was tedious. The opening and closing shouting/counting/screaming title is the worst piece of music (if you can call it that) since Enya.”

And finally, this fan commented: Just given up on Marriage as it’s just annoying & boring. The sound levels are atrocious – theme music deafening while the principal actors mumble & whisper against loud ambient noises of airport hubbub, trains, traffic, sirens & road drills. Inaudible dialogue is not clever.”

Marriage © BBC | Rory Mulvey

Marriage is available to stream now on BBC iPlayer while the series will conclude on BBC One on Monday, August 22, 2022.

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