Montgomery Public Schools is rolling out robotics programs this year

A group of Montgomery middle school teachers are gathered around a robotics game board in the old Booker T. Washington building. On the ground are robots, and these teachers are experimenting with the technology so they can soon guide students to build their own.

The middle school teachers are robotics coaches for their schools, some of which are getting robotics programs for the first time. The game this year: Get the robots to score by launching discs to the other side of the goal in an almost shuffleboard fashion.

One of the robots, made by kids at the summer camp, has a conveyer belt function that picks up discs and loads them into the back of the robot. But the conveyer belt is malfunctioning, forcing the discs to get stuck in the rubber lip under the robot, so the teachers just pick them up and load them by hand.

Then, a button on the remote shoots them out from the other side of the robot.

Kristy Hatch discusses robotics as Montgomery teachers and robotics coaches get robotics training in Montgomery, Ala., on Thursday August 4, 2022.

Christopher Hull, a teacher at Baldwin Arts and Academic Magnet and second-year robotics coach, messes with the robot, manually reloading the pieces. He accidentally shoots himself in the foot with one of the orange discs. He jokes that his previous tech experience came from coding his MySpace profile.

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