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ST. GEORGE — The parking lot at 919 E. Brigham Rd. was overloaded with parents excitedly lined up, waiting to see the expressions on the faces of their children.

Students were greeted with this sign at Bloomington Hills Elementary School, St. George, Utah, Aug. 11, 2022 | Photo by Nick Yamashita, St.
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In an instant, it became a hustle and bustle of conversation and excitement.

“Happily surprised – went a lot better than I thought it would,” Angela Phillips, second-grade teacher at Bloomington Hills Elementary School replied when asked about how the first day of the new year of school went. “It went very smoothly and well.”

As students ran to their parents at the end of the day, one expressed satisfaction with her class and assigned teacher.

“School was good. Teacher is nice,” Evy Burton said while her mother, kindergarten teacher Alicia Burton, assisted students and parents.

One parent, Rodney Owen, relayed how it was good to have school back in session, even though his child wanted more summer.

“The only difficult thing for the day was getting the kids out of bed,” he said.

Bloomington Hills Elementary School Principal April Heath was more than happy to report a very satisfactory first day and how excited the staff are for the upcoming year.

“Went very smoothly, flowed smoothly,” Heath said. “Parent pick-up went great. Fun first day. We’re excited to be back.”

Heath discussed some of her goals for the year, which include getting the students on track, keeping things going, building a fun atmosphere and making safety a top priority.

One such safety strategy was evident as all staff and faculty donned fluorescent safety vests, making themselves more visible to parents and students.

School safety is a top priority as second-grade teachers Angela Phillips and Loreta Wisneske work as crossing guards at Bloomington Hills Elementary School, St. George, Utah, Aug. 11, 2022 | Photo by Nick Yamashita, St.
George News

Second-grade teachers Phillips and Loreta Wisneske were busy escorting students and parents across the parking lot in the crosswalk, expressing their seriousness about achieving school safety.

St. George police were actively engaged in school safety, as more officers were on patrol and working the school zones. They posted a video sharing information with help from first-year principal Susan Moore at Bloomington Elementary.

St. George Police officer Tiffany Mitchell reminded drivers of crosswalk laws.

“When the crossing guard is in that intersection, you cannot go through that intersection, even if there is not a child in it,” Mitchell said.

Click here for the St. George Police Department video for more school safety reminders.

Heath went over the school year, being the first full year back with no COVID-19 emergency directives enacted. The school will still ensure cleanliness is maintained and will be cautious, taking necessary steps to reduce the possibilities of transference of any illness.

Washington County School District Special Consultant and former Washington Fields Intermediate School Principal Bob Sonju expressed how well the first day went.

“I visited a couple of schools today, and it was very successful. A lot of excitement around,” Sonju said. “This is a really, really good district for school. A good place to raise kids and have them get an education.”

Heath summed up the first day, concluding: “We’re back at it.”

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