Mile of Music 2022 in Appleton draws around 90,000 people despite rain

APPLETON – Despite some weather-related impacts on its last day, Appleton’s ninth Mile of Music was a success, co-founder and executive producer Dave Willems said Wednesday.

Strong winds and rain came overnight Saturday into Sunday, resulting in the cancellations of some outdoor performances, including at Jones Park, Houdini Plaza, Fox River House and the Jim’s Place/Wooden Nickel stage.

“Sunday this year was a little bit like Saturday was last year, where it was just unpredictable,” Willems said. “And that’s the worst kind of thing you want to see when you’re doing the live music stuff because you don’t know whether you can start and then have to stop and then start and then stop. So the weather definitely on Sunday impacted what we could deliver.”

Still, Willems said, indoor venues were successful during the festival’s one rainy day. One musician, Celisse, who only had two performances during the festival, both scheduled for Sunday at outdoor stages, ended up performing one set indoors at the Hilton Paper Valley ballroom mainstage.

Around 30 musicians had to cancel Sunday performances, Willems said. Most of those performers, however, were able to play a few sets during Mile’s other three days.

The festival, while free to the public, makes money from concessions and merch stands. Overall, Willems said Mile of Music’s revenue was a little lower than what organizers were expecting had the weather fully cooperated.

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