Chandigarh University enters list of Top 30 Universities in NIRF Rankings 2022

Chandigarh University in NIRF Rankings 2022 | Credits: Chandigarh University

National Institute Ranking Framework, NIRF Rankings 2022 were released recently by Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan in 11 categories. Entering the list of Top 30 Universities is now Chandigarh University (CU). Carving a special place by securing 29th spot among all public and private universities of the country, CU has entered among the top universities league in the NIRF India Rankings.
As per the official press release related to NIRF Rankings 2022, Chandigarh University has also become the youngest university to enter the top 30 league of Indian Universities. Talking about the feat S. Satnam Singh Sandhu, Chancellor, CU said, “Chandigarh University is not only the youngest but also the only university in the country to give consistently great performances in National and International rankings, such as QS world, QS Asia, NIRF or NAAC, and improving its position year after year. “

Referring to the laurels of Chandigarh University at NIRF Rankings 2022, Sandhu also said that CU has secured the 2nd position among all universities and 1st position among private universities in Punjab and Tricity. However, when it comes to rankings in India, Sandhu said that CU secured an overall 48th spot among all universities and colleges of India.

As mentioned before NIRF Rankings 2022 were released in 11 categories and in many institutes’ names were featured in top spots in more than one. Talking in detail about NIRF India Rankings, Sandhu said Chandigarh University has secured an overall 3rd spot among all engineering institutes and 2nd spot among all private engineering institutes of Punjab and Tricity.

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Referring to the NIRF Rankings 2022 being a great tool of assessment, Sandhu said CU has been ensuring the overall development of its students. This year, Chandigarh University has seen over 900 companies giving more than 9,500 job offers to their students. Interestingly, this number has reportedly been highest in North India and adding to its laurels has been a student receiving one of the highest packages if Rs. 1.7 crores.

Even in Management and Architecture, Chandigarh University has fared well in NIRF Rankings 2022. Talking to media, Sandhu also added that so far, CU has filed 1,816 patents, making it the ‘leading stand-alone institution’ to file the highest patents in last three years.

Showing how Chandigarh University is becoming a leading choice of students, Sandhu also mentioned that CU is also the youngest university to break QS Asia Universities Rankings 2022, by securing a 271-280 rank band.


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