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The Austin Civilian Conservation Corps (ACCC) was started in May 2020 as a re-employment and workforce development program in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The program has evolved into a broad initiative aimed at creating positive sustainability and resilience outcomes in Austin while providing equitable access to green jobs and careers to underserved and marginalized residents. In 2022, ACCC transitioned to the Parks and Recreation department to continue cross departmental collaboration. Visit the ACCC website.

Who we are: We are the next generation Climate Corps

Vision: We envision and model a transformed work culture in which we

  • Care for ourselves, others, and the planet;
  • Dismantle supremacist systems that operate upon us and within us; (from Allied Media)
  • Support leadership that represents the communities we live in and collaborate with; and
  • Adapt to changing circumstances and address the most pressing environmental and social challenges, (currently climate change & displacement).


  • Prioritize equity in green workforce development. Expand the narrative of green vocations. Examine and shape change in work cultures;
  • Build more equitable pathways to employment and organizational leadership and entrepreneurship, and strengthen networks of support for those most impacted by a changing climate;
  • Cultivate and fairly compensate the next generation of leaders; and
  • Invest in people and projects that have direct impact on climate justice.

Green Workforce Accelerator

In the fall of 2021, the City wanted to expand the number of types of potential partner organizations with programs that align with the ACCC goals and mission, and that inform strategic outcome areas, indicators, and metrics of the City’s Strategic Direction 2023 (SD23) . Through the Green Workforce Accelerator, the ACCC has partnered with the City of Austin Office of Innovation to support organizations and businesses that want to expand their current capacity or build new programs that can employ Austinites, develop their career opportunities, and advance positive sustainability and resilience outcomes.

We know that there are social entrepreneurs and innovative organizations in Austin who are developing solutions that could work with or alongside the ACCC and make our collective impact even stronger. That’s why we’re investing $ 10,000 in each participating organization to further develop their solutions and create evidence around how they may work with or alongside the ACCC.

Grant Details

Grant awardees will validate whether their solutions can align with and help achieve the mission and goals of the ACCC, and what their relationship with the program might be. The grant award of $ 10,000 is meant to give organizations support as they focus on developing their solution, and add capacity to gather evidence on potential ACCC and SD23 alignment.

Throughout the accelerator, organizations will gather evidence around the following lines of inquiry:

  • How might your solution contribute to the mission and goals of the ACCC? To the outcome areas, indicators, and metrics in SD23?
  • How might your solution work alongside, or with, government?

Grant awardees will provide the City of Austin ACCC program with a midterm progress report, and a full report at the end of the accelerator. Reports should include knowledge, results, and evidence like:

  • Development milestones
  • Project outcomes
  • How your solution is contributing SD23 strategic outcomes, indicators, and metrics, and the ACCC mission and goals
  • Advancement or continuation of racial equity goals in advancing green workforce development within your organization or in your product or service delivery
  • Evaluation methods and results
  • User feedback and results
  • Key learnings and next steps
  • Budget synopsis

If you think your solution might align with the ACCC, we encourage you to submit an application.

Apply to the Green Workforce Accelerator

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